1. I

    Suspended sentence for mechanic who scammed customers

    Makes an interesting change to see something actually being done. Suspended sentence for Chatteris mechanic who scammed customers - Peterborough Telegraph
  2. ioweddie

    can anyone get scammed by revealing their e-mail address only

    As Title, Can I get scammed by anyone who has my email address only? I know they can send stuff, but if its not opened can they still access my pc? Thanks Eddie
  3. M

    I've been scammed - but have I??

    Some of you internet savvy guys may be able to throw some light on this... About 10-14 days ago I took a telephone call from Dennis Publications marketing department asking if I was interested in an Autoexpress subscription deal of five issues for £1. Nothing unusual in this, it's a common...
  4. J

    Anybody got scammed by gogogy?

    It simply deduct £4.50 a week from your mobile phone without you realising. It already deducted £9 from me. What a scrounger!:wallbash:
  5. D

    v5 - Can I be scammed

    I've had several emails today about the Esapce from what appeared to be a interested buyer. He said that he wanted to do a HPI check and asked me to email him a copy of the V5 and a photo of the VIN number. I did this (although the V5 was plastered with COPY watermarks all over it), but was...
  6. High-Lo

    I've been scammed on eBay!

    After many years using eBay and avoiding potentially untrustworthy sellers, etc. it seems like I have been scammed for the very first time from a seller with a feedback score of 327 (100% positive). The account has not been hijacked. I bid and won the auction for a Mercedes 80GB Ipod Nano for...
  7. stwat

    Ebay scammer scammed

    This is very funny.a bit long winded but well worth the read :D Funny
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