1. Benplym

    Pretty fed up with scammers while trying to sell an honest car

    Have my ml up for sale, at a decent price, it's pretty damn amazing. Last night I get a call from a dealer asking really in depth questions about the car. Mid sent ace he stops me to tell me he wanted to see who the scammer was. I was confused but long story short some foreign person has...
  2. SPX

    These scammers love Sl's...

    Is this another scam I wonder? :mad: MERCEDES 420 SL AUTO BLACK | eBay
  3. EDZ649

    The Scammers are back!

    1954 Mercedes Benz 300SL Gullwing on eBay (end time 14-Aug-09 11:30:30 BST)
  4. A

    how to waste a scammers time

    this guy has listed a rather nice VW camper on eBay shame is that it's not his to sell.. As usual, eBay are dragging their heels about pulling the auction so the Volkszone forums got involved - check the guys bid history...
  5. N

    Phone scammers

    Just a warning. Had phone call last night fron fake BT engineer saying problem with landline phone handset and could i enter following numbers into handset keypad. Told him i didn't know what he was talking about and told him to go away, as i was putting the phone down i heard him shout F***...
  6. glojo

    Scammers are at it again??

    I have just received an alleged Ebay message from a 'Buyer' stating the following. Hi there, I am interested to purchase your item but I want to be sure of its condition before bidding.. please send me all details about it. Contact me please. Thank you! When I clicked on the orange respond...
  7. mobeyone

    eBay scammers beware!!

    this tickled me!!!
  8. Flyer

    Those pesky scammers ... :-)

    I get loads of these and normally just delete them before even reading them ... but this one has a certain charm :D my mother and father has devoured before my father die :D :rolleyes:
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