1. S

    Why does OBD scan work like this?

    If you have a computer it scans at startup for faults and if it has a fault and you replace the part it works OK. So why does the OBD scan work differently? If you have a fault and repair it the warning light will still be lit until the code memory is cleared. This makes no sense to a computer...

    All systems icarsoft i980 scan tool

    For sale new GENUINE icarsoft i980 all systems scan-tool used once fantastic bit of kit the best scan tool for Mercedes apart from Star in totally new condition, with full instructions and up to date software and padded case with leads. I paid £136 for it but will swop for the same tool for...
  3. bikesforme

    fault scan needed

    Hi anybody in the notts/lincoln area have star or carsoft 7.4 and could scan my car for a small fee. Its a 16 year old clk 230 kompressor with the 38 pin obd. Many thanks
  4. J

    Cheap Diagnostic Scan Tools...

    Hi there, First post here, although I did join a few days or so ago! :) Also if this is in the wrong section then sorry, and I appreciate this type of thread probably gets asked a lot, but I couldn’t find any suitable threads online! Two weeks ago today I bought my dad a 2008 SLK200...
  5. S

    Anyone used an i980 scan & reset tool?

    I tried a search first and no results, so quick Q if anyone has tried one of these OBD2 scan & reset tools before? They seem very reasonable at £100.... Mercedes Benz Multi System Scanner iCarsoft i980 cheers, Steve
  6. M

    W211 Lauch scan interpretation please

    Hi guys I have paid for a scan from a friend of a friend and have some codes. The car is showing 6 malfunctions on the dash and ABS light lit on the dash. ABS defective visit workshop Brake defective visit workshop ESP defective visit workshop Cornering headlight The car was...
  7. KillerHERTZ

    C55 W202 AMG Autocar Magazine Scan

  8. englishdas

    OBD2 Universal Diagnostic Scan Tool Auto code reader

    Do these work? OBD2 Universal Diagnostic Scan Tool Auto code reader on eBay (end time 09-Jan-11 07:02:24 GMT) Is it one of those things that in the wrong hands is... well, bad?
  9. Londonscottish

    S211 E500 - how do I scan FM for stations?

    Hi - trying to find out how to scan FM for stations (I want to pick up the signal from my Headrest DVD's). I've got COMAND. At the moment it just takes me from one preset to the next Thanks in advance
  10. mw_C32

    Scan Gauge II

    I have scangauge 2 for sale, used it on a VW transporter for testing fuel economy etc. Only used a few times and don't need it anymore. Official web site link.... PDF instructions link.... I'm asking £60...
  11. A

    Scan guage? Van Aken device, trip, codes etc

    Hello, I've been looking at retrofitting a computer to my ML, however I've come accross this gadget that seems to do an awful lot more for a lot less. Whats peoples thoughts. OOh and where is the OBDII port on my ML163 (is it under driver side) Thanks...
  12. Ian B Walker

    Offers at Scan

    Just been browsing as you do and found this, Item 1, Road Angel. seems a good offer
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