1. A

    This is a scandal

    Did anyone know about these new taxes, I've just read this and can't believe what they are doing DVLA car tax - You could pay up to £2,000 to keep your car on the road | Cars | Life & Style |
  2. brucemillar

    Air Bag Scandal.

    Takata fined $1bn in US over exploding airbag scandal
  3. nick mercedes

    ultra rich the new mp's expense scandal?

    Is the lack of tax paying by the ultra rich going to be the 2013 version of the Mp's expenses scandal? Barclay brothers' £1bn VAT windfall bid puts tactics in spotlight | Media |
  4. scumbag

    F1 Scandal takes a bigger twist

    Sounds like Bernie insisted someone crashed to get a red car on the Podium. Oh Ok, just made that up, but someone on t'internet will see it and it will become folklore by end of next week. No doubt Max can have a few more public dirty washing episodes before he finally shuffles off to...
  5. SilverSaloon

    Top Gear in fake Ferrari scandal

    i thought MR2's only appeared like 80's ferrari's? :confused: arnt they also really small compared to the real thing aswell?
  6. Satch

    Another Top Gear scandal

    Will it never end? The world edges closer to global financial meltdown, war, famine disease and plague. But now the Meejia is getting all upset because during the Lambo test last week Stig transmitted the following in morse ... - .-. .. -.-. - .-.. -.-- / -.-. --- -- . / -.. .- -. -.-. .. -...
  7. Gucci

    Climate scandal

    You may have already posted..apologies if so, but I saw the repeat of the Channel 4 programme about climate change swindle. In light of today's news that the Uk is dedicated to cutting carbon emissions, there were some interesting fatcs to compare... CO2 is mainly naturally occurring...the...
  8. F

    BBC News 24: French Footballer in Drugs scandal!

    BBC News 24: French Footballer in Drugs scandal! It's alleged that one of the French football players has failed a drugs and alcohol test yesterday (Sunday) after the match. If this is confirmed as positive, under World Football Federation rules, paragraph 6 sub section 2e, France...
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