1. brucemillar

    OBDII Scanners

    My learned friends. A question please, if I may. I have recently purchased an E39 - 328i BMW Tourer (very nice). The Speedometer is not working and the ABS & Brake lights are all permanently on!! This is a known fault with the N/S rear left, wheel speed sensor which controls all three. I...
  2. JohnnyLou

    obd 2 scanners

    Hello guys, I need to buy a obd 2 diagnostic tool , I have 2 Mercedes , a 2008 c class and a 2010 c class saloon they are both diesels....some advice please on the best tool to buy ....I need a basic but good tool that will give most of the info I req. thanks
  3. D

    anyone used the android OBD scanners

    I noticed some android OBD apps are available cheaps. Has anyone else used them and what was your experience with them. I plan to use cautiously and report any codes reported here to see if it rings a bell with more experienced members
  4. K

    Code Scanners

    I'm looking for a scanner that covers both engine and auto Transmission for my T Reg SLK230 I got the car last Nov and I seem to have had endless problems with it Loss of power - MAF replaced No Supercharger - K40 repaired Not shifting correctly - Shift Solenoid replaced (apparently):dk...
  5. D

    Diagnostics and Scanners - ELM

    Has anyone used an ELM device for scanning MB cars? I found a ELM based device on Amazon costing £27 which said it supported most protocols including CAN. I've successfully used with, EasyOBDII and OBD-II ScanMaster to connect to my CLS320 CDI to show the OBD data. I've also...
  6. scruffy


    any reccomends on flatbed scanners for light decent quality DTP work, have been looking at the epson range which seems pretty good but must confess to being a bit baffled with all the dpi's and ppi's etc thanks
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