1. steven2015

    Big vibration - Scared lol - help please

    Hi, I have a 1992 W124 and I have a problem while braking at very high speed. When I am driving about 100 mph, the car vibrates when I apply the brakes. I heard that this might be due to warped brake discs. Would appreciate to know your opinion. Thanks :thumb:
  2. PeteTheOldGit

    SL350, scared to death.....

    Hi Guys & Gals Current C Class owner and really interested in buying an SL350 06 on model. Having read so so many horror stories regarding water ingress from boot and roof I'm pooing me pants about taking the plunge. Would be really interested in hearing from members with similar age cars and...
  3. D

    Just bought a W123 coupe - now scared!

    I've just bought what I think is a lovely W123 coupe, 1983, pale blue metallic 230CE, had a jolly good look over it and all seems very presentable, a bit of welding has been done well to the floor, and that's the only blemish I could find on the car. Now, post event I've read the buyers...
  4. A

    Wifes A class had its mirror scared today :(

    Wife took the little one to a Church playgroup today, parked down a side road. With other cars normal 'sized' road. parallel parked. Came back to find drivers side mirror pushed out and big scratches deep into the plastic. I think you can get new covers so will check, but who ever hit it...
  5. jontyash

    It scared the cr*p out of me!!!!

    So I took the car for a test drive last night after fitting new HT leads, plugs and air filter and I was really chuffed with the results...brilliant... While I was messing around in the car doing all this, I saw that a little black plug under the rear seat (passenger side) was disconnected so...
  6. portzy

    Scared to fire her up!!!!

    If youve seen my off topic you will understand that my Coupe hasnt had the outings she should have had these past five weeks. The truth is, other than two starts to keep her out of harms way of the builders, she hasnt moved off my drive. Any tips for when the day comes to do serious mileage...
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