1. lisa110rry

    Saw a really scary thing today

    We were coming back from a holiday on the boat today, Norfolk to Lancashire. At that place where the M67 joins the M60 (I think, I was driving, directions by my husband), there was a lovely '15 Merc with two of those sort of triangular exhausts standing stationary, with a Merc Rescue Van behind...
  2. ringway

    Pretty Woman. Scary Singing!

    Not sure what to make of this. If it happened before my eyes I would be uneasy at best. vC9Qh709gas&
  3. Ted

    Scary thought

    Tonight at 11.55 pm it will be less than twenty years since I was in my thirties. Six minutes later, it will be less than twenty years until I am in my eighties. Frightening isn't it?
  4. Palfrem

    Scary incident in Moscow!

    Moskau: Lkw mit Gastanks verursacht Explosionen auf Autobahn -Video - SPIEGEL ONLINE Treat those cylinders with care folks
  5. S

    Now this is scary

  6. B

    E55 has let me down! Scary

    Was travelling on the A102 towards the Blackwall Tunnel today, slowed down for some traffic, and the car completely cut out and couldn't be re-started. Almost rear-ended by two buffoons who weren't looking where they were going - very scary, waiting for the impact. Anyhow, 4 hours later, I'm...
  7. Palfrem

    Clean trousers anyone - scary

    BBC News - M6 wrong way lorry driver Pal Korbely jailed I can't begin to imagine what this must have been like!
  8. mark_le_b

    Autotrader CL500 scary cheap!

    Pretty non-descript ad for a very cheap CL.............too cheap to be any good? Nothing about history/condition etc. 2000 Mercedes-Benz CL500 2dr Auto Coupe 5.0
  9. B

    scary and difficult to spot tyre damage

    Hi I came out this morning this morning to find the drivers side front tyre on my S211 flat. No problem, I'll just take it to the local tyre place and see if they can repair it. When I got there and they put it on the ramp they told me "you better come and see this". The Conti Sport Contacts...
  10. B


    Just had my car mot. Garage spotted that brake discs and pads were different sizes with pads too large for discs! Fitted discs were wrong part (280mm fitted but should have been 320mm if memory serves me correctly). I looked back through the service history. Pads and discs changed about 3...
  11. 219

    Scary fuel prices

    On the way into work this morning I had to get Diesel for the works van . The light had come on on the way home last night , so I didn't want to chance going too far with it and went to the BP station in the local village . Part way through filling up I noticed the numbers were ramping up...
  12. KillerHERTZ

    Scary Crash Caught on Video - Plank of wood Through Windscreen

    A 2 by 4 plank of wood hits windscreen, caught on tape! Even know you know its coming, still makes you jump! :eek: rOhgMAOrp0c
  13. S

    A scary moment

    Today in Dumbarton a Lorry made a nice big diesel spill all over the Barloan Toll roundabout. Strathclyde police were quickly on the scene to divert traffic away from the roundabout via other routes in Dumbarton, and they also took control of managing the traffic as opposed to the lights. The...
  14. -Merc-

    Scary for a 15 year old

    I am 15 and have my restricted licence in New Zealand, I recently went for a long drive to get out of the disfunctional household of mine and i found myself being folowed for 1 hr by an undercover cop on the motorway. The scary thing is that I was exceeding the speed limit of 100Km/h by 20km/h...
  15. gt-83

    scary moment

    the moment was yesterday after i rooted myself out of bed for a days fishing that ive been promising myself for the last two years!...its six in the morning and not a soul around, on the way to the fishery is a long straight road, so leaving the bend onto the straight i push my peddle to the...
  16. DSLiverpool

    Gas Bill Scary - Whats Yours Like ?

    We moved from a flat to a 5 bed house in June and i knew the bills would be more BUT £3k GAS bill for Oct to April seems high, I have checked the meter readings and they are correct. next step is we get a leak test etc but can anyone give a heads up on costs for their dwellings please. We have...
  17. R

    scary merc stuff

    sabotage by staff
  18. F


    :eek: :eek: Nick
  19. N

    BMW Scary

    Not getting any luck with a decent 190e so have been looking at BMW 3 series and the reviews are terrible for reliability and cost to repair:(:(
  20. N

    2.3-16 scary brake moment

    Driving down the motorway the other day & making a beeline for a favourite curvy offramp, I hit the brakes quite late-ish to knock off some speed & the pedal goes nearly all the way down with very little braking going on. Pumped it a couple of times VERY quickly & pressure returned enough to...
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