1. N

    Servicing Schedule on W169

    Hi Guys, I have had my 59 A Class 180 CDI for a couple of years now and I have a quick question about servicing. The person who had it before had it serviced at Mercedes Benz, so when I got it it was in tip top condition. It had 45,000 on the clock. Since then in the last 2 years I have...
  2. uumode

    W205 C200 petrol service schedule

    Anyone know what parts need to be changed when, mileage, time intervals for e.g. spark plugs air filter fuel filter cabin filters air con (assuming nothing mentioned as with most manufacturers) transmission fluid (assuming life fill) brake fluid (assuming 2 year) coolant (assuming...
  3. Somebody

    w115 om615 maintenance schedule?

    I have a bit of a predicament with my newly found 200D. So I looked everywhere I can think of, looked thru all the usual PDFs online and on the little maintenance manual that comes on a CD, etc etc. I can't find anywhere that tells you when do do maintenance tasks. Every source I saw so...
  4. B

    C63 service schedule i correct

    Hi all. I am a little concerned. I have just had the message on the screen to say I am due service A1. On calling the dealer, they have said that last years service was the B service which was 'the small one'. And this years will be the larger service?? Why is my car telling me it is due...
  5. ringway

    E350 CDI. Oil Gunk after exceeding service schedule.

    I wouldn't have expected this on such a new car. I wonder what the total mileage is? Maybe the schedule has been exceeded throughout the life of the car? W4BqDv6W280 Not as bad as the Camry. 91bWgLg5qdw&NR=1 There are many more gunk examples on YouTube.
  6. I

    CLS320 cdi servicing schedule

    Hi Guys, Does anyone know the timeline, requirements what is involved in the servicing schedule for a cls320 cdi 2006 model. Cheers
  7. D

    Quick Question: OM642 Poly V-Belt (Serpentine belt) Maintenance Schedule Question

    Hi, I realise that vehicles this engine is fitted to, such as 2006 onwards E320 CDI, have computer calculated service intervals. However, if anyone has WIS, please can you let me know what the stated change interval for the 'Poly V-Belt' (serpentine belt at the front of the engine) is? I...
  8. J

    R230 servicing schedule

    Hi All will be starting to look at second hand SL's next month os so - will be a 350 / 500. Looking to pick up an 2003 - 2005 and am keen to understand the recommended service types and timescales etc so how many stamps in the book should I be looking for anyone help ?
  9. grober

    Mb usa service schedule

    Here's a link to MB USA info on service schedules for anyone interested.
  10. R

    2003 SL55 Service Schedule

    Can any one tell me what items need to be replaced outside of the normal services and at what intervals? I'm thinking particularly of the Cabin Air Filters, Air Filters, Fuel filter and ABC fluid filter. Thanks
  11. oldcro

    Servicing schedule

    How strict are Mercedes regarding getting the car serviced within the time given on the days to next service displayed? The reason I'm asking is that my car is due for an A service in 45 days time, so would it be acceptable to go over the 45 days by say up to another 14 days. I might have to...
  12. crockers

    Service Schedule

    My car was last serviced the end of June 2009. It is currently indicating an "A" service in 7,000 miles. At my current useage I would anticipate the 7,000 miles being some time in AUgust. My question is - will the indicator switch to time related in June or will it allow me to run on to...
  13. basalt2003

    Assyst schedule?

    Hi all, Not sure this has been mentioned before but my C220 CDI is just over 2yrs old. Its last service was September last year which was an "A". Next service indicated on Assyst is due in 12,000 odd miles and is a "B" major. I got a card through the door from MB saying their records show a...
  14. B

    1998 W202 C240 Servicing Schedule

    Hi I have inherited a C240 but have no servicing manual with it. It has currently covered 117k and was serviced / MOTd approx 5k miles ago. Does anybody know where I could find a replacement servicing schedule or have any idea when it would be due its next service?
  15. vincenz

    W202 Service Schedule

    Hi Newbie here, i'm looking at getting a W202 C Class (ideally sport, facelift). I have been looking at the 180's and 200's as I was after something that is conservative on the juice. Does anyone have a service schedule guide to the above engines, I have tried a search but its yielded nothing. TIA
  16. D

    W124 300D saloon service schedule

    As my new machine did not come with a service book :eek: can somebody tell me if the following service intervals/details are correct, every: 6,000 miles -oil + filter 36,000 miles -air filter, fuel filter including injection pre-filter, auto transmission fluid + filter 12 months -brake fluid...
  17. JeffKolish

    Schedule of events - Is there a schedule of events for 2008 held somewhere?

    Schedule of events - Is there a schedule of events for 2008 held somewhere?
  18. D

    Service B Schedule

    Hi can anyone here provide me with a service B schedule for a 2002 W21o E200 Kompressor? Many thanks in advance.
  19. D

    Service Schedule

    Where can I get an A & B sevice schedule for a w210? Its just that I had this great local garage fit a new cylinder head for me at a fraction of the cost that my local specialist quoted, and I was so impressed that I want them to do all my servicing. They are an old school type set up but with...
  20. culpano

    Airline suddenly changes a flight schedule by 13 hours

    I'm off to Cape Town on Saturday and the flight back was the next Sunday morning arriving home at 7.30pm on Sunday. A mere week before the flight I'm told that due to operational reasons the flight is now 13 hours later and gets back home at 0830 on Monday morning. Trouble is I have no holidays...
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