1. Rob77

    Early AMG paint schemes

    My W201's pearl grey metallic. I will do the Gen 2 bumpers, ducktail, skirts and cladding in body colour. I think I'll paint the grill surround and chrome radiator strips body colour too and the grill insert satin black. What does the panel think about the bumper inserts, door handles and...
  2. D

    Early pension release schemes

    I'm sure there are some clever bods here who will know the answer to this. I have whilst going through some old paperwork found an aged ex scottish widows company pension scheme which was started in my first proper job where I earned a whopping £4900 per annum. As I was only at the firm for...
  3. Satch

    Alternative Suggestions on colour schemes

    So we have had all these wonderful ideas on what looks good on a W211, but what I ask is the worst? At risk of offending somebody I would suggest that in the standard range Travertine Beige with Pacific Blue upholstery must be right up there. But when you get to the Designo service the scope...
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