1. A

    School me on R Class

    I've just bought my first Merc, a 2006 R320 CDI. I've always had VAG or BMW before so this is all new to me. It has 20" alloys which seem to give it a bit of a bumpy ride on poor roads, is it worth changing them for something. Bit smaller? I believe it shares a lot with the MLs of that era...
  2. ioweddie

    SCHOOL - 1950s v 2016

    SCHOOL - 1950s v 2016 Scenario : Johnny and Mark get into a fight after school. 1950s - Crowd gathers. Mark wins. Johnny and Mark shake hands and end up best friends 2016 - Police called, and they arrest Johnny and Mark and charge them with assault. Both expelled even though...
  3. ioweddie

    School bus? How Many?
  4. BillyW124

    Old school GMC truck...

    Liking this..
  5. Felstmiester

    £1280 a year to get my son to school

    One of our boys started secondary school last year. We views all the schools in our catchment area and picked three the we/he liked. Up to this point nothing had been mentioned about transport costs. It turned out that he didn't get his first choice school witch is around 8/9 miles from our...
  6. Lee C63

    Old school mini meet at MSL 8th July

    Few of us heading down to MSL on Wednesday the 8th just an opportunity for a catch up, probably a few Dyno runs and whatever Mods Acid has on special offer LOL. Most of us staying over on the Wednesday night so a few cheeky sociable beers and food for good measures. So if your free get...
  7. B

    Driving School Drop Out........

    OK....just a small rant, was glancing out of bedroom window when a driving school car drove by, a little unusual as although our road is a no through road and only a few houses we never get school vehicles doing the 3 point turn stuff as the road is too narrow.....anyhoo, what got my goat was...
  8. Darrell

    school report time.

    My daughter Sophia picked up her school report today. She is a very bright 8 year old, very quick and pretty sharp. My wife and I do worry about her school work due to the fact we are not Greek and we can't give her enough help with her homework. We also feel that being the only English girl...
  9. Jukie

    Anyone well-known you were at school with?

    Was anyone well-known/famous at your school at the same time you were? Doesn't have to be a "superstar", perhaps just someone with a reasonably "public" profile. I was in the same school year as James Allen, the BBC F1 commentator. Nice chap.
  10. D

    Old School A.M.G steering wheel..

    Havent got a clue price wise.... But must be rare being a 3 spoke.... Seen loads of 4 spoke AMG wheels from this period..... MOMO AMG Leather steering wheel Mercedes w123 w124 126 sec ce r107 r129 w201 | eBay
  11. R

    School Boy error!

    Blast! Last night I was in PC World and saw 2x 4GB Ram that would fit my laptop. I bought it and fitted it and all is well except that I've got a Windows 7 32 bit operating system that cant use over 4GB :( Anyone need 8GB of Ram PC World dont take back opened ram :(
  12. Charles Morgan

    Slough Philharmonic Society Concert this Saturday Eton College School Hall

    Just a shameless plug for my Choir and Orchestra Concert this Sat, 18th May at Eton College School Hall at 19.30. Ideal for that short run out from town if your AMG or Skoda needs another few miles of running in, or for a long run from north of Birmingham to show off your lovely wheels in...
  13. sportyreptile

    Old School 280SE W116

    1979 Mercedes-Benz 280SE 116 Series, lovely example, 23 old MOT certificates | eBay I quite like this for the money but would prefer a SEL to be honest, still it's BIG enough I suppose.
  14. D

    School Finance Manager Interview

    I'm a governor at my local primary school where I've somehow become Chair of the Finance & Personnel Committee. (I probably landed that role because I know nothing about either!) The head and I will very soon be interviewing candidates for the post of Finance Manager at the school, but our...
  15. d w124

    The ideal school run

    Need some better pictures though Mercedes-Benz : 300-Series The Mighty Mallet in Mercedes-Benz | eBay Motors
  16. developer

    Bullying at School

    At what point to you take a club and beat to death a 15 year old schoolboy who's upsetting your son, despite the school having stepped in to stop it (unsuccessfully)?
  17. verytalldave

    Old School photos

    OK. I will start the ball rolling. From 1955 - Invicta Road school. I am next to teacher...................
  18. R

    Not my school...

    ...but...good effort: [OFFICIAL] FSL LipDub - YouTube
  19. W

    Halogen lights are definitely looking old school now!

    Even LED's are 'oh so yesterday':rolleyes: BMW Developing Laser Headlights
  20. jeffwebb

    Old School Photos

    In case you haven't seen this site, Check it out, worldschoolphotographs Regards, Jeff
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