1. F

    Classic F1 Ferrari's - 97 Schumacher, Ickx and 50's Front Engine
  2. tonyc280

    Michael Schumacher

    Hope he makes a swift recovery. You couldn't wish to find a better bloke. T.
  3. grober

    Michael_Schumacher crashes!

    The need for speed? Michael_Schumacher reported to have sustained a head injury while skiing solo off piste----wearing a helmet so initial fears he was seriously injured are receding.
  4. aquanaut

    Roseberg / Schumacher visit AMG factory

    If anyone on facebook visit the mercedes Amg global fan page. They put up pics of the 2 drivers assisting on an engine build etc. Interesting stuff. Also on here MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS - Official site
  5. R

    Rosberg vs Schumacher ..... Who would you pick?

    'Decision' - New Mercedes TV spot with Nico Rosberg, Michael Schumacher and pregnant woman - YouTube Hope this isn't a pearost.
  6. KillerHERTZ

    W205 C63 AMG Spyshots

    2014 Mercedes C-Class W205 full body prototype first spy photos Wowzers, it doesnt seem that long since I posted up the very 1st W204 photo The shape of the panel covering the grille on the front fascia hints that this aspect may be a little more oval than on its predecessor. Of what we...
  7. Simon_M

    Omega Speedmaster Watch - Schumacher Edition

    Omega Speedmaster watch, Schumacher limited edition. On pistonheads for £1200, but £1000 to members here. Watches : Omega Speedmaster Auto Schumacher Edition
  8. The Boss

    Showman Michael Schumacher sets pulses racing on his return

    Showman Michael Schumacher sets pulses racing on his return - Times Online The banner that hung above Garage 25 summed it up: Willkommen Zurück — welcome back. All that was missing was the fatted calf and a bottle of celebratory bubbly. Michael Schumacher, Formula One’s prodigal son...
  9. P

    Schumacher Confirmed

    Michael Schumacher has agreed a deal to drive for Mercedes GP next season. Read more: Schumacher returns to F1 | Auto Express News | News | Auto Express What a mistake 2 years away is like a lifetime
  10. A

    Schumacher calls off F1 comeback

    BBC SPORT | Motorsport | Formula 1 | Schumacher calls off F1 comeback
  11. A

    no schumacher return after all
  12. The Boss

    Schumacher makes shock F1 return

    Michael Schumacher will make a shock return to Formula 1 to replace injured Ferrari driver Felipe Massa, news agencies are reporting. The seven-time world champion retired at the end of 2006 but has agreed to drive at the European Grand Prix. Massa fractured his skull in Hungarian GP...
  13. glojo

    Michael Schumacher is back

    Well I have finally got my wish Michael Schumacher is to replace Massa for the foreseeable future. We can now compare this driver with Raikkonen
  14. D

    Hamilton Outdo Schumacher Schumacher worths $1B.
  15. Gucci

    Schumacher... rock bottom advert

    I'll admit that Schumacher was an awesome F1 driver... yes he 'bent' the rules a bit, took Coulthard by the throat after a collision he didn't cause (good man :devil: )... BUT, his ads for the Fiat vans are REALLY something to be ashamed of! Lordy lord knows why, he certainly doesn't need the money.
  16. KLP 92

    Michael Schumacher's BRABUS E65

    Found this 440 BHP beauty while surfing ebay: All that power from a V8!
  17. glojo

    Michael Schumacher

    I can't resist it any longer. First off I will openly confess to not being this persons number one fan. For years I have had to listen to what a great driver this person is. For years I have had to listen to how it is not the car, but the driver. Put Schumacher into an 'average' car...
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