1. grober

    BROKEN SPRINGS ---the science

    Good article on stress corrosion from the NPL here.
  2. W

    Audi 'recuperation' advertisment = bad science

    TIrcgX2R92o "When a car brakes the energy it creates is lost" It's clear to most that as a car slows down energy is lost, not created, ignoring the small amount of thermal energy. Grrrrr I hate pseudo science!
  3. W

    Science GCSE standards 'lowered'

    This is a bit of a hobby horse for me: BBC article. Though to say that Maths has held its standards is hard to imagine. Looking at the bigger picture, when I did my Maths GCSE in 1990 I looked at my father's O-Level paper he did in the 1960s and it looked orders of magnitude more difficult...
  4. CE230

    Sensible Science

    I would like to meet this man and shake him warmly by the hand.:rock:
  5. Thmsshaun

    Tyre Changing.. Is it Rocket Science!

    Just a bit of a rant. Not happy the other day, Must be my worst month ever for car expense. What with the oil cooler. So trying not to use it now until the new year thought I would use the Mini. Also save a bit on fuel. Got a puncture. Fantastic. Not a slow one either so couldnt just pump it...
  6. A

    just to show that science can be fun

    click me a bit of a warning there is some mature (well a more accurate description would be immature) content Andy
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