1. KillerHERTZ

    S-Class Coupe/Cab Facelift: Press Release

    S63 AMG
  2. M

    2018 Mercedes S-Class Explained - Video

    2018 Mercedes S-Class Explained [YOUTUBE HD]WeSPBxF4Chs[/YOUTUBE HD]
  3. K

    W221 S-Class Whooshing Sound

    Hi, I've recently noticed a loud whooshing sound coming from the left hand side of the engine bay when accelerating around 3000 revs. The car pulls fine and no issues with performance but the sound is rather concerning. I looked around the forums and seen the intercooler pipe as being a...
  4. gr1nch

    S-class coupé and cabriolet to be discontinued?

    For the next revisions, already? Yes, if this article proves correct. I can't imagine the gap will be filled from "below" with enlarged SL and E coupé models. No CL, no Coupé and a pickup truck range - is Mercedes demonstrating more emphasis on mass market motoring? Porsche and Mercedes Continue...
  5. KillerHERTZ

    S-Class Facelift - Press Release

    The 2018 Mercedes-Benz S-Class Sedan The automotive benchmark in intelligence and comfort Stuttgart/Shanghai. The newly updated S-Class Sedan celebrates its world premiere with extensive innovations at the Shanghai Auto Show. Among the highlights are the extended suite of Intelligent...
  6. M

    2018 Mercedes S Class Facelift Photos Leaked

    2018 Mercedes S Class Facelift Photos Leaked [YOUTUBE HD]IE6dOcDlWPw[/YOUTUBE HD]
  7. W

    Mercedes Difda 18" Wheels - 215 CL or 220 S-class

    Hi, I have a set of 4x18" Difda alloy wheels as fitted to CL 215 coupé and the 220 S-class saloon. These are 8J all round with an offset of ET44. Came off a low mileage year 2000 CL500. May possibly fit other MB models (I've a feeling some people use these on Vitos or possibly some VW...
  8. A

    Mercedes S-Class 17” Alloy Wheels A221 401 02 02 A2214010202 W221

    4 x Mercedes S-Class 17” alloy wheels (A221 401 02 02) which were fitted to my 2007 Mercedes S-Class. They are 8J x 17H2 ET43 and will fit other Mercedes models but please check with a dealer before buying to confirm. They are in good condition however do have some kerbing and lacquer peel...
  9. K

    W221 S-class heater intermittent

    Hi I've recently bought a w221 S-class and have issues with the climate/heater sometimes not blowing any air. I can hear the electronics kicking in and sometimes going over a bump helps but they working less frequently now. From previous posts I can see the heater blower or regulator can be...
  10. merc85

    W221 s-class

    Hi what sort of suspension do the S-class w221 have? is it the same ABC set up as the earlier w220?
  11. neil1951

    New S class member

    Hi all Glad to be here in the club, come from east London and the proud owner of a 2000 S class 320 with 70.000 on the clock and a ex embassy car. Never owned one before being a ex Omega elite owner. Have a lot to learn about this car it has a interesting history so look forward to sharing it...
  12. S

    display defective error s-class 320 (2003)

    Hi everyone i am new to the forum, just bought a 2003 mint s class 320 petrol lwb, and am sold on how great mercedes really are. Had an issue display defective comes on screen and visit workshop/lighnting flash sign... Head lights flash, relays click all electrics go crazy and parking light...
  13. ss201

    W220 S-Class over mats full set, unused

    Set of four, front & rear ribbed overmats. Genuine M-B parts, still in original packaging. Colour is light beige/sand. May fit other large Mercedes models. Happy to take measurements if you wish. £55 posted, or £45 collected from near Lancaster. Photos available if you PM me your...
  14. Rickyj1985

    Sclass squeaky brakes

    Hi just after some advice my in regards to the brakes on my s350 (w222) they squeak when slowing down its not really loud but it is noticeable the car is a 63plate and had 6,000miles approx when i brought it its now done only 11,000. I've had it just over a year its been back to Merc 3 times...
  15. Dazzc

    2009 S-class Drivers Door Mirror Problem

    Hi all. Can I start by thanking everyone for the time and effort they put into this forum. I've found it very interesting and helpful. This is my first post on here so be gentle with me. I have a 2009 S Class. Last week the drivers door mirror didn't seem to be opening into the open...

    W220 S-Class Wanted.

    Up to 100k miles, six or eight cylinder with good history and '04 onwards. PM me details please.
  17. P

    SClass 320CDI 2007 low mileage engine wanted

    Hi - My S320 CDI with 178,000 miles on the clock has a critically ill timing chain, and the cost of a replacement with all the parts is way too much... So I am looking for a low mileage engine instead! Anyone breaking a 2007 S320 CDI, please feel free to make contact. Thank you, Paul.
  18. KillerHERTZ

    2017 W222 S-Class Facelift

    Only a minor nip and tuck after 2 years
  19. D

    Mercedes S-Class Cabriolet at the Frankfurt Motor Show 2015

    Mercedes S-Class Cabriolet at the Frankfurt Motor Show 2015
  20. KillerHERTZ

    S-Class Coupe & S63 AMG Coupe - Press Release

    The new Mercedes-Benz S-Class Cabriolet Open-top luxury Stuttgart. The new Cabriolet is the sixth variant of the current S-Class family and the first open-top luxury four-seater from Mercedes-Benz since 1971. It offers a distinctive, sensual and exclusive design, the cutting-edge...
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