1. S

    Scooby owner looking into E55 AMG

    First hi, new here as you can see from join date, I have at the min a Subaru turbo not going into boring stuff about it. I posted a thread on scoobynet, because I was looking into the M5 on a 2003. A member said why not E55, never looked into merc and the E55 AMG is a stuner and think it would...
  2. 190ian

    amg ML out run scooby flat out + flying masda

    amg ML out run scooby flat out + slk kills Enzo Check some of these clips out, (you may have to click on icon under picture to play clip) amg ml SLK kills enzo...
  3. Maff

    Had a run with a scooby impretza

    Kept up fine in the straights, all I could hear was his dustbin sized exhaust, but when it came to the 's' bend in my road the CL's weight was shown, ESP came on, locked up the rear wheel and slowed me down quite a bit :( Anyway, supprised I kept up so well with him on the straights...
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