1. grober

    Scorpion alarms archive.

    I posted this link on another forum in reponse to a member's question. This is a link to a series of user's manuals and installation instructions for Scorpion alarms fitted to older Mercedes models. Most of these alarms were fitted by the supplying MB dealer so the installations varied...
  2. 230K

    Scorpion Remote fob for S124

    Hi folks Has anyone bought a new key fob for a Scorpion alarm lately and have a contact? There is K370** inside the remote. There seems to be a crowd on line but you need to telephone them, just wanted to order on-line now, I will never remember when the lines open again tomorrow...
  3. Dr-Nab

    21" AMG alloys with Pirelli Scorpion Zero rubber

    Hey everyone just a quick warning out to everyone who have got AMG or Mercedes OEM alloys on their ML or GL's with Pirelli Scorpion Zero tyres on, mine run 295/40/21 tyres as an MO fitment. Had a blowout today from the inside edge of the n/s/f, turns out that the edge of the tyre has completely...
  4. J

    Scorpion Alarm Problem On My '88 2.5-16

    I went away over Christmas and came back to a very dead 2.5-16V , so I fitted a new Bosch battery , but the fob wont turn the immobiliser off , the key turns on the ignition lights and the fuel pump but will not turn the starter , and also will not operate the central locking . I have the...
  5. D

    W124 Estate E300D Scorpion Alarm Problem

    The scorpion alarm system no longer works. In order to get the car back on the road, the garage (a local outfit) disconnected the alarm and removed 3 fuses so that the car would start. The alarm seemed to have been triggered when the bonnet was opened after the battery ran down. Since the...
  6. W

    W124 Scorpion alarm fob programming?

    Hi gang, Just got a new addition to the fleet, another 124 estate and have got a quick question: Does anyone know about the dealer fitted scorpion alarm fobs, as found in the earlier models? This is a '91 with the red alarm box in the engine bay. One of the alarm fobs is dead (I think...
  7. NW_Merc

    C class Scorpion exhaust
  8. C

    Scorpion Alarm doing odd things in the night

    My dealer/factory fit alarm on my 1994 124 estate does something weird. When you arm it,the courtesy light comes on, and when you disarm it, it stays off. :confused: Sounds like a dip switch or setting is screwy or something. :crazy: Anyone tried to work on these alarms and know how to...
  9. grober

    Scorpion alarms circuit diagrams.

    Found this site which gives details of Scorpion alarm circuits. Many early 90s Mercedes models were dealer retrofitted with scorpion alarms before they were integrated into the main wiring system in later models. There have been many enquiries about these old alarms so hope this helps. ;)...
  10. S

    scorpion alarm Q3 50 01121

    Have got an unused Scorpion alarm for a w202 C Class. It has part no. Q3 50 01121 on the box. I don't know if it can be fitted to a post '97 C180 . My car is a 1999 C180 . Will it fit the 1999 year model? Any Ideas ?
  11. stwat

    Scorpion alarm questions

    The siren on my scorpion alarm has stoped working. The alarm locks and unlocks the doors and imobolises the engine but the only sound from the alarm box is the clicking of a relay :( I take it that the siren part is faulty, but can just that part be fixed? Also, what is the little knob...
  12. D

    Wanted scorpion siren

    Wanted scorpion battery back up siren part no Q3 50 06364
  13. nickg

    Scorpion OEM alarm - replacement touch keys

    When I enquired about this at my local dealer (Edgware Rd), I spent about 45 mins convincing them that my alarm was fitted by MBUK - they didn't beleive me and thought it was an aftermarket job. They were not able to provide any assistance on the subject at all. Anyway, with that in mind I...
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