1. ringway

    Beautiful Scottish Island for £325,000 if you can overlook its gruesome past.

    This looks lovely, but knowing my luck I'd run out of beer, cigarettes or some other essentials. LINK.
  2. wu56Shoozz

    Scottish Meet

    Anyone up for a meet ? Open to all Mercs... just looking for feedback if it could go ahead.. thinking central belt ish?
  3. A

    Any Scottish Owners?

    Always loads of BMWs but never that many Mercedes I'll have the GLC there. Can anyone else make it?
  4. nickjonesn4

    Scottish AMG Meet Up?

    Morning Is there a regular Scottish AMG meet up? if not is there any interest in getting one going? Cheers Nick
  5. B

    Scottish Car Show - Sunday 17th

    Anyone heading to the Scottish Car Show this Sunday being held in Edinburgh? The Scottish Car Show | Sunday 17th July 2016
  6. nickjonesn4

    Scottish AMG/Merc Specialist help

    Anyone north of the border got a good recomemdation? First trip to main dealer here involved them misunderstanding a fault code and fortunately it timed with being in London so toom to Terry at Wayne Gates and he spotted it and sorted the issue quickly and cheaply as ever. Not inspiring much...
  7. T

    Scottish meetings

    Hello all, new member. Are there any get togethers anywhere in scotland?.
  8. flango

    Scottish Christmas GTG 2015 Drinks & Dinner

    A few of us thought it may be a good idea to have a Christmas GTG following our usual format: Drinks in the Pandora bar from 6:30pm Curry @ Yadgar from 7:30pm Coffee and cakes in Coffee Patisserie from 9:30pm Now all we have to do is decide the date so please vote in the Poll. Please vote for...
  9. grober

    The Scottish Play

    The new film adaptation of Bill Shakespeare's Macbeth- the Old Vic it ain't. :rolleyes: [YOUTUBE HD]YqHhKuCQmoY[/YOUTUBE HD]
  10. B

    Scottish newbie

    Hi folks, Craig from Rothesay Picked this up on Saturday, it's a 2003 C180k Elegance. 79000 miles. Needs a few bits and pieces done but I love it. Also a photo of it in front of my mates Classic
  11. abecketts

    Scottish Private Property Landlords

    Hi, If any one is active in the Scottish buy to let market specifically Glasgow could they PM me. Thanks Paul
  12. S

    Mercedes Car Club-Scottish Region

    Hi guys set up a new facebook page for the scottish region but everyone is welcome, give it a like and post some photos of your cars, cheers:thumb: Mercedes Car Club-Scottish Region
  13. LTD

    End Of Year Scottish GTG

    Been far too long since we all got together. Let us all gather, celebrate the resurrection of del320's car and have a bloody good time over some fine food :) Please indicate your wish to participate - venue and date to reconfirmed. 1. LTD and Mrs. LTD
  14. 219

    Scottish Airshow

    I attended the airshow at the weekend , here are a few pictures :) Unfortunately , the BBMF didn't come on the Saturday when I took these photos ( due to bad weather down south ) but I got some video of the two Lancasters on the Sunday when they did a flypast ( single pass so no chance to take...
  15. reflexboy

    List of Indys for my Scottish road trip

    Evening all Shortly I will be doing a two week road trip of Scotland and would like to compile a list of Indys roughly along my route 'just in case'. If I post below the basic route I will be taking, can any of you recommend the name and contact details of Indys along the way please. The...
  16. D-18

    Scottish GTG - Dirleton 2014

    At our last GTG at Stirling, several attendees indicated that they would like to attend another meeting at the Dirleton venue which we have visited in the past: Castle Inn | Dirleton By way of gauging interest, can we have a show of hands for a lunch at the Castle Inn? I suggest we meet...
  17. reflexboy

    Scottish road trip-Advice appreciated

    In June the fairer half and I are planning a road trip from home (Surrey) to Scotland. We drove up there two years ago and stayed near Callander and had a great time. We like driving through areas with good roads and great scenery and although not 'pro walkers' we do enjoy a couple of hours...
  18. LTD

    2013 Scottish XMAS GTG

    Do we have any interest in meeting up pre-Xmas for a lunch and a natter ? I'm up for it. Stirling seems a decent venue for most. Flexible for dates … What sayeth you ?
  19. C240Sport97

    A Scottish sky in London ..

  20. LTD

    2013 Scottish GTG

    Since it is now March, should we look at getting a GTG organised for the near future ? Whilst dates are still to be confirmed, how about The River House at Stirling ? Good location, good food and good parking. At least it's a start ...
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