1. bob6600

    Cheap W212 E63 with LIGHT SCRAPE

    Bargain with light scrape :confused: 2013 (63) MERCEDES-BENZ E-CLASS E63 AMG DAMAGED SALVAGE NEW SHAPE *HPI CLEAR* | eBay
  2. John


    So early one Monday morning a week ago, not content with testing mirror strength against my garage door frame last year, I decided to setup a new experiment to test the front bumper against the same frame to see how that fairs. Method: Drive your car against the garage door frame Results...
  3. W

    Bumber Scrape

    Had an accident with a white van man who has scraped the front of my bumber. Not looking to claim on the insurance just yet but trying to work out best way/price to get this fixed. Can anyone recommend any good body shops in Portsmouth? Pic below...
  4. spinaltap

    Expensive Scrape

    On returning to my car I discovered the idiot that had parked alongside me had damaged the paintwork - from being careless in opening their passenger door. The 1cm wide gash was sufficient to penetrate to the bare metal. It wasn't something that could be remedied with a paint stick. The cost...
  5. Laters

    Car park scrape

    Had to happen just as I was trying to sort out part numbers for springs and planning to replace a few bits and pieces and spend some money. I was looking out of my friends window over in the direction of the car park (supermarket car park) where my car was parked (watching the snow) &...
  6. R

    Rust - how to deal with it? scrape out, treat, prime, paint?

    Hi, I'm going to do some rust repair on my car. I had a previous thread on here that didn't get much response, which is odd considering MB's rust! The Process From my reading the majority suggest a process such as: scratch out/grind out rust using a dremel or similar treat with some...
  7. SilverSaloon

    scrape windscreen

    had to scrape the windscreen for the 1st time yesterday at 8am 1 deg c :crazy:
  8. C

    Nano paint after a scrape???

    This Nano particle paint sounds great, however..... If some inadequate keys your car all down one side or your are involved in a shunt, do you get nano particle paint on your respray? If not immediatley when? Are bodyshops geared up for it? Presumably if only some are, you'll need to...
  9. B

    Chip, Scrape Repair!!!!

    Hi anybody know any mobile paint chip and scrape repair company, have a nast scrape on bumber where sumone knocked a trolly into the bumper, just touched up with touch up pen at the moment! any ideas? Bhav
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