1. O

    C220 CDI W204 Scraping sound while driving.

    Hello guys. I own a W204 C220 CDI 2008. I have a problem for which i couldn't find a solution. While im driving up an incline i hear a scraping sound coming from beneath the gear selector. It happens around 1800-2000 RPM and if i accelerate faster the scraping sound stops but if I maintain at...
  2. T

    W202 - Scraping noise coming from rear wheels, ?wheel bearings?

    Following on from my thread a couple of years ago ( After a 7-8 year lay up sitting on my parents driveway, my dad's w202 c200 had been in use regularly by my father-in-law for the past couple of years...
  3. G

    Horrible Scraping Noise

    Hi guys, I have a w221 and every time I start the car and drive whenever I go over a bump I hear a scraping noise from the front end. Once the car reaches 90 degrees and a few miles the noise is no longer there when driving over humps. I'm guessing this is due to some oil or rubber...
  4. S

    No ice scraping equipment!!

    First year of MB ownership and first winter. Just realised yesterday I've got no winter cleaning equipment, as I threw it all out on my previous car - Mondeo (ahem, cough splutter).. So, what essential winter equipment does everyone have in the car? All I can think of is ice scraper and...
  5. Z

    CLS gearbox Scraping noise and difficult gear change

    Hi I have a CLS 320CDI 08 plate and have a scraping noise coming from what seems like my passengers side and sometimes 1st and 2nd gears change with difficulty. I'm guessing it's the gear box? Can anyone guide me as in what's the best way around it and how much it would look to cost? Thanks
  6. MicB

    No more scraping of windscreens?

    I received an email today from Inchcape, as no doubt did many others, offering to apply Diamon-Fusion to my windscreen for £99 I am not about to rush to ''invest'' it a newish product? it as good as the claim? No doubt...
  7. NewMB

    Scraping noise

    As some know, I recently bought myself a 2003 E55. So far very pleased with the car, but I have had some work done on it (to make it "mine"). This included the the front & rear discs replaced. No need for pads as I was told they were brand new (MB Colchester confirmed this). Anyway, I have...
  8. SilverSaloon

    strange scraping sound when corning from rear

    Hi ... more tails of woe for me :( ... thismorning when i was turing around a big roundabout at about 20-30mph i heard a loud scraping noise coming from the rear passenger side wheel that seemed to indicate it was affected by the movement of the wheel as the sound had a rotational type...
  9. bruiserdennison

    W129 scraping noise when free-wheeling

    I have a 1994 500 SL (90K miles) and at low speeds when you dont have a foot on the accelerator pedal, it makes a feint scraping noise, almost as if the discs and pads are binding but I don't think it is this because as soon as you apply the gas it stops. Also breaking makes no difference to the...
  10. 230K

    ML Windows Scraping

    Hi all Has anyone else experienced this problem, both front windows of a friends ML270 Yr 2000 are getting scrapped on the outside by the action of the windows going up and down, they have owned the car from new and it only has 30K on clock. Neither their VW van or Toyota Landcruiser which...
  11. A

    C43: Scraping noise on right turns

    The situation is e.g.: going up the ramp of a multi storey car park, at moderate speed and there will be a "scraping sound" from the left front tyre or when just turning right from a stand still. It sounds as if could be a steering pump low on fluid (but why would there then only be a noise...
  12. D

    tyres scraping, PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hi guys, I bought a set of 15" penta's to go on my 190e thats lowered. Once I'd fitted them I went for a test drive and I started hearing a very harsh rubbing/scraping noise when I turn corners. I'd spent a long time getting the wheels on and it really frustrated me when this happened as the...
  13. pwks

    scraping noise

    Got a scraping noise as the wheel goes round and the noise gets faster the faster I go. The noise is not all the time but goes something like scrape....scrape....scrape etc. But if I brake, the noise stops and starts again when the brake pedal is not depressed. Unfortunately, this does not...
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