1. J

    kids + seatbelt equals scratched door interior

    Hey All, My lovely kids bless them have now scratched the paint work 3 times on the rear doors when they slam them whilst the seatbelt is left dangling. See image at the bottom middle is the area i mean. Sick of it, and no amount of shouting at them seems to help. Any suggestions what...
  2. S

    Scratched Headlight Bulb

    Hi Guys, I have a CL 500 (W216) with xenons, but the inner pair of lights for high beam are halogen. I wanted them to match the xenons so I bought some Philips diamond vision 5000k bulbs and they match the colour of the xenons almost exactly to my amazement. I've tried halogen bulbs before...
  3. C

    Scratched Command screen - solved

    Thought I should share this. When I bought my car the Command screen was badly scratched. In the wrong light you couldn't read it due to all the fine marks on the screen. Perceived wisdom was that this was the anti glare coating damaged due to a previous owner using an aggressive cleaner. Was...
  4. N

    Scratched my CF front splitter :*(

    Got a bad scratch on my carbon fibre front splitter any recommendations of body shops or what I can do to fix. Thanks Niket
  5. H

    Scratched new card!

    :doh: Gutted! Just finished washing my car and thought i'd move it on the drive. Edged towards the front gate and audible parking sensors went off - visual from camera showed i had a little more room though and then suddenly the gate moved. I quickly got out and saw gate was jammed and...
  6. P

    Someone Scratched my car in the car park

    Hi all, Someone this morning decided to scratch my car and run away in my work car park. Unfortunately couldn't find the culprit and no one has come forward so far. I am not entirely sure how they have done this!. Does anyone know if this can be simply buffed out or requires a...
  7. Venomous

    Scratched COMAND front fascia plane

    Got my car home, and was so caught up in checking the outside - missed a deep scratch across the COMAND unit. Is this addressable, or can you get new fascia plates? Thanks Brian
  8. B

    Windscreen scratched

    I bought my motor over the summer but only noticed at night during the winter that the windscreen is covered with tiny scratches which create a blurred view at night especially when there is oncoming traffic. Ideally I'd like a new windscreen but not sure the insurance would pay for this (what...
  9. C

    I have scratched the itch with a

    Hi again everyone I took the plunge today and am now the proud owner of a 2005 350 CLK convertible green black in colour just looks black to me has all the toys except sat nav and i do not think it has climate control just normal air con as with every new car there are a few problems the most...
  10. R

    Scratched Winscreen

    Hi, I have a new pre-reg C250 Estate AMD Sport Plus and have a scratched front windscreen from a wiper blade, light scratch and just seen in day light, sunny, more annoying than anything else. Any ideas on removing it, products on the market. Or may have to have the windscreen replaced, do...
  11. E

    Scratched Paintwork. Poor quality

    Today I took my car back the dealer to have the small painted panel replaced on the door. It was scratched from new when I collected it. They did try to polish it out but with no success. The new one is just the same. The service manager wasn't impressed. His own company car (new C class) was...
  12. trapperjohn

    Itch scratched. Most satisfying.

    Even more satisfying buying from a forum members and good buddy. The amount of work that "camerafodder" put in to keeping this C270 Estate in tip top condition and I'm talking suspension bits as well as engine and running gear is testimony to the great guy himself. More pictures and...
  13. P

    scratched black insert on dash....

    hello all, i have a piano black insert on my dash which has quite a few scratches on it, is there a way to remove these? thanks in advance
  14. markjay

    Car scratched... Vandalism? And how to repair?

    Found this damage to the bonnet this morning:
  15. Patrick1964

    W124 - the itch I still haven't scratched

    I've fancied one of these for years, and now MERCEDES BENZ W124 E220 ESTATE 7 SEATER - FINAL PRODUCTION RUN! | eBay Does anyone know this car, or the dealer ? Any horror stories or general advice please feel free to message me. Thanks Patrick
  16. T

    Side windows scratched

    While closing my windows up I have noticed something is scratching them (straight upward line scratches). Does the window mechanism need greasing or anything like that? What could it be? Thanks for your input guys:thumb:
  17. DSLiverpool

    Restoring scratched interior plastic

    The boot trim strip running across the width of the car inside the boot from back light to back light has taken some light but numerous scratches. It's black and I hate scratches is a method of reducing them available ?
  18. B

    Scratched windscreen!

    Please help, my beloved 1 month old c-class has a lovely windscreen wiper shaped scratch where they've obviously dragged grit, or similar, across the screen. It's not particularly deep, and it's just below my viewing angle, but it's definitely there, and catches the sun all the time! Does...
  19. A

    So I have just scratched my car - Help Please

    Guys, ridiculously i was off on my out to buy some stuff to fix up a car im selling wen i misjudge a parking space and hit the corner of a tiny brick wall which i could barely see. I need this fixed up asap, is it a big job timewise, and what do you suggest, a body shop? if so, how much ££ are...
  20. A

    Scratched Windscreen (Repairable? Or Replace?)

    Can a scratched / scuffed screen be repaired or am I looking at a replacement. Have a few scratches that are deep and in one case look like a crack. Can Gavin from Autoglass fill them with his special resin I wonder?
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