1. D

    How do I remove scratches from windscreen?

    On a recent trip to Scotland my car was bombed overnight by a seagull. A single strike in the middle of the windscreen. In the morning I soaked the offending concrete-hard sh*t with water and gently rubbed with a cloth until it was removed completely. Obviously the seagull had taken in some...
  2. P

    Advice best options to fix scratches and scuffs

    Hi , This is my back driver side bumper after reversing slightly to a corner. Screenshot by Lightshot The car is brand new and those are the only marks really annoyed :wallbash:, took it to the local MB dealer and they want £240 to repair, and it would be ready the same day they would not...
  3. A

    Scratches interior plastic

    The plastic backing on my front seats have become scratched from shoes and the likes. Some of the scratches are quite deep and have a bit of lip to them. Was thinking of sanding the proud lip off and wrapping the backing. Looking at a carbon effect? But feel a fabric backing would stand up to...
  4. 2

    Piano black scratches

    Hi I have some scratches on the piano black on the centre console of my C63s, does anyone know the best way/product to remove the scratches? Thanks in advance.
  5. bh13coupe

    W124 centre Console for sale almost like new no scratches

    Hi Guys clearing out my garage and I have a spare centre console in Walnut for a w124 Mercedes. This has no scratches and looks like NOS. You wont find any better online. I have it on Ebay for £149 but I am open to offers to members here. PM me if you have any questions or want more...
  6. thebig1

    Piano Black Scratches

    Hi All, On my car, the piano black trim has some very light scratches. What is good to remove them? Cheers,
  7. thebig1

    Remove Light Scratches On Interior?

    Hi All, On my car, the piano black trim has some very light scratches. What is good to remove them? Cheers,
  8. Oxonmb

    Scratches in side windows

    Hi Has anyone used a company to get rid of quite deep scratches on side windows? Don't really fancy doing it myself. Thanks
  9. lfckeeper

    Covering scratches

    Will this balm Furniture Clinic Leather Re-Colouring Balm - RESTORMATE cover the scratches in leather ?
  10. G

    Glove box plastic scratches

    How best to repair scratches to the plastics interior? Any good recommended magic sprays? Lol
  11. Palfrem

    Scratches on paintwork - T-Cut or have things moved on?

    The tops of the wings on my G and the bonnet have quite a few scratches that could do with being polished out. I suspect good old T-Cut is passe now, so any recommendations on a good compound to use by hand (I don't have a machine) on black paintwork please? Thanks
  12. jfhuk

    Removing fine glass scratches

    I'm getting very fine scratches appearing on all windows of my 3 year old E class. Merc spec glass seems to suffer more from this than other manufacturers.What's the best proven methods to remove them that people have found?
  13. J

    Door handle scratches

    Can scratches on the interior door handles be removed with polish? I have an e220 sport with chrome/aluminum or chrome handles and they are quite heavily scratched, I am guessing a woman with rings used to own the car. Will try and upload pics
  14. MDC250

    Windscreen scratches

    Hi Few minor but annoying scratches have appeared on the wife's windscreen...quick look on the internet reveals various DIY products but not something you really want to make any worse and I suspect scratch removal/reduction is an art. Anybody had experience of either trying to sort...
  15. C

    Interior scratches

    W204.... The black glossy finish on the trim around my centre console and below the radio has some scratches. Is there a product I can use to remove them?
  16. C

    Interior scratches

    W204...the black glossy finish on the trim around my centre console and below the radio has some scratches. Is there a product I can use to remove them?
  17. T

    Window Scratches

    Hi I have a few scratches on the passenger side windows probably from use, is there anyway of removing these scratches using some form of compound? and would I need a DA electrical appliance to do this. Many thanks
  18. A

    Already bodywork scratches on my brand new W212!

    Barely 2k miles on the clock and my brand new E-estate (W212) has already got a couple of scratches on the rear bumper! My wife (typically!!) reversed into the neighbour's BMW causing several dents into the plastic bumper (two of which have gone into the plastic quite significantly) and loss of...
  19. SmartMAC

    Piano Black Trim Scratches

    I didn't notice before but it looks like the person who prepared the car before it was sold to me used something which marked the trim everywhere. Only visible when the sun hits the trim (not very often :) but it is annoying and detracts from the otherwise really nice look of the piano black...
  20. E

    Removing Scratches

    Hi The week after next I have a week off and I intend to spend a couple of days detailing my car. I am about to order a load of decent stuff to clean the car. I have noticed today some scratches on my boot lid. I havn't been able to take any photos to show everyone as Im using an ancient old...
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