1. Mr-Goose

    Metal scratching sound coming from rear wheel

    I've had my 2012 E350 Coupe about three or four weeks. I have a sound coming from the rear passenger side wheel. I generally can only hear it when driving at fairly low speeds. At first I though a rogue bit of bodywork was loose and rubbing against the wheel. I've had a look and can't see...
  2. Davycc

    A lot of head scratching... help please

    Ok Peeps as some may already know my parktronic is playing up giving readings in error ORANGE bars etc. STAR says off side farthest sensor so replaced it with 3 different sensors and fault still remains. So It has to be either a wiring issue or the module. Im awaiting a replacement module but in...
  3. reflexboy

    Mercedes scratching post

    Built this yesterday for my cats. Could this be a world first?
  4. N

    W210: new owner scratching his head...

    Hi everyone - I have bought a 2002 E320 cdi estate a couple of weeks ago, and I am (so far) delighted with the car, my first Merc. The one thing i cannot get my head around is the front interior light pod.:confused: I knew it wasn't working when i bought the car, but i don't seem to be able to...
  5. T

    Advice on removing mild scratching from cleaning cloth

    Mildly vigerous trying to get tree sap off the car. Was using Autoglym tar remover with a cloth (not microfibre). Sap has gone but lots of tiny superficial scratches - not in the paitnwork itself - more the clearcoat is there a way to remove this? TIA
  6. shanksy

    W124 Coupe window scratching

    I seem to have a fair amount of grit which is scratching both the front and rear windows in my W124 e220 Coupe. Is there an easy way to clear this grit out without taking the door to pieces?
  7. BenzComander

    Light scratching removal

    Any top tips on tidying up the wood on the center console. It is OK as in undamaged, but has light surface scratching. Has anybody had any success in removing this?
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