1. Adeinfrance

    300CE rear screen

    Hi. Just cleaned the car and have noticed that one of the joining clips for the chrome trim around the rear screen has disappeared! The car hasn't been moved and have searched the drive without success so it's a bit of a mystery. Don't suppose anybody's breaking a coupe and has one of these? I...
  2. P

    Screen washers won't switch off

    Hi, my 2005 SL350 developed an odd issue, driving along on a lovely dry day the screen washers came on permanently and would only stop after switching the car off and removing the fuse. I have striped the operating stalk and they still stay on, even with this dismantled and no sliding activators...
  3. J

    Sat Nav screen anti glare coating

    I have just bought a 2008 350SL and am a newbie to the MB Club( I do have another Merc Estate so am familiar with the workings etc). My question is , and am sure that this problem has been discussed many times. My screen has had most of the coating of antiglare wiped off by previous owners etc...
  4. S

    Radio display screen

    Hi not sure if this is the right forum but here goes. The display screen (whatever its called) on my S211 has a few blemishes as if its been cleaned by an over zealous idiot. So much so when the sun catches it at certain angles I cannot see anything but the scratches. These are very light...
  5. F

    c class flip screen stuck

    my 2011 class flip screen has stuck half way, radio still works, any ideas ?
  6. J

    W204 AMG start up screen

    I been reading the forums and managed to do this on my CLS55 AMG Any ideas on whether this can be done on the C63 W204? Sorry if this has been discussed before but I couldn't find anything definitive
  7. T

    What should screen show when updating maps ntg1

    I've tried updating to latest maps on a s211 ntg1, I put disc in boot and screen displayed a twirling thing in middle and said please wait, nothing else happened, should it be saying that its updating, not sure if I should wait longer or if disc is no good, waited about 10 to 15mins
  8. M

    video on the screen

    Hey, all, I have a Mercedes 250d and it comes with 2 USB slots and a memory card slot. Is it possible to play films on the sat nav/options screen? When I plugged in my USB stick and went to the folder the films I had were shown (in mp4) but only the sound would play, can you not play...
  9. C

    Windshield wiper stops in centre of screen

    Hi folks. I have gone through all the other images and posts on this happening to tthe C180 window wiper BUT, I have never seen this drive unit in any of them so have no idea how to proceed in repairing the bloody thing. Can anyone help? The wiper works perfectly until it is stopped, then it...
  10. G

    C Class Infotainment - how do I find this screen?

    Any ideas how to access this screen shown in the attached pic? I have the same car (C63S - albeit the wagon) and have never seen an option to display anything other than Media, Nav, Radio, Car Settings etc Is this something bespoke to the cabriolet? Looks like rev/speed information. Not really...
  11. st13phil

    iPad Screen Replacement

    My wife has managed to comprehensively smash the glass screen on her Gen 4 iPad :doh: Fortunately, the damage seems to be limited to the glass as the underlying LCD is still fine and the device is otherwise working ok. So... Having watched the various "how to" videos on replacing the glass...
  12. sfc

    amg splash screen

    is it possible to change the merc badge on screen to AMG on a w204 2012 model , ive seen videos on youtube to do this to a w211 model but cant find it for mine and dont want to chance damaging it if not correct
  13. E63AMG

    W212 AMG start up logo on Comand screen

    I know this can be done as MB HQ have confirmed it but my local dealer is struggling. Does anybody know how its changed, so I can point the stealer in the right direction? Many thanks.
  14. M

    COMAND NTG 2.5 Blank white screen - R350 W251

    Hi all, I have an R350 W251 with NTG 2.5 (6 disc changer model) I have had the car over a year, bought 2nd hand, but the screen just went white one day! I can still control the head unit using the bezel buttons and steering wheel buttons, so radio stations and telephone still work. Also...
  15. kam05

    Part number - W204 folding comand screen

    Hi, does anyone know the part number for the missing item for my folding comand screen? The item missing is a small rubber gromit/mount - stops the screen hitting the plastic trim when the screen folds in. Thanks
  16. N

    Screen de mist bias

    I have noticed that there is a distinct bias towards the left hand side of the windscreen when using demist function. Is there a switch or command to change the bias towards the right hand side.? This is on a 2015 W212. Thanks
  17. kam05

    W204 COMAND screen issues

    Bit of an odd one.. I have a 57-reg C220CDI Sport with the flip up/down COMAND screen. Leaving work last night the COMAND screen opened up but it wouldn't get past the MB logo - it didn't even get to the warning prompt. I could use the CD/radio functions but not the sat nav or phone...
  18. A

    Stone chip in screen

    Sorry if I've posted this in the wrong section :confused: I have got a nasty stone chip in my windscreen and was wondering if it's fixable :dk: It's just above my sensor And a close up of the damage :wallbash: Hope Gavin's resin can fill it ;) Cheers for any advice and if anyone has...
  19. pcthrillrider

    Front Screen Button

    Hi All, CLK320 2005 when i press the front screen button i can hear the air but nothing is coming out anywhere!! cant demist front screen in mornings!! when i got to work and tried it it worked! but next morning same thing,any idea's? my old clk200 when i pressed the front screen button i got...
  20. C

    Scratched Command screen - solved

    Thought I should share this. When I bought my car the Command screen was badly scratched. In the wrong light you couldn't read it due to all the fine marks on the screen. Perceived wisdom was that this was the anti glare coating damaged due to a previous owner using an aggressive cleaner. Was...
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