1. C

    Mercedes Benz Floating Ipad Screens.

    I thought I would share an interesting article into the floating screen phenomenon that mb seems to love. It seems lots of people do not like it, and would prefer it up integrated into the dashboard. I myself don't mind it. What do you all think...
  2. developer

    What Is It With Tinted Front Screens?

    I saw two yesterday - one on a W205 C Class and one on a Vectra. The Merc screen was so dark that I couldn't see the occupants inside as it approached me in traffic :eek:. Could anyone be more stupid :dk:.
  3. Mr Fixit

    Rosen Screens, controllers etc

    Selling a couple of rosen screens dvd plays with amp, controllers all cables and a set of head phones. starting bid is £45 but hoping for a bit more so open to offers Rosen AV 7500 With 2 Screens, Headset And Controllers | eBay 07825056048
  4. KillerHERTZ

    W211 Audio20 & Climate Control Screens extremely Dim

    On my Dads W211 E240 (2004) the screens on the climate control (front only, not the rear) and the Audio 20 are extremley dim, almost invisible. After an hour or so of driving, they become bright enough to be actually visible. I was thinking it was the 2nd smaller battery causing an issue...
  5. KillerHERTZ

    W211 AUDIO20 Backlit screens Dim

    My Dad's 04 W211 has an odd problem. Both the Audio20 and the heater controls (front seats & the rear seat screen) and virtually impossible to see as the backlights on both are very dim. No message appearing on the dash about the courtesy battery though, any ideas?
  6. D

    cleaning plastic soft top screens and polishing kits

    Convertible Plastic Rear Window Care Kit for Mercedes-Benz SL 107 113 129 | eBay
  7. R

    TV screens

    Hi everyone looking for some help, I've got a 1998 CLK 320 sport with TV screens in the headrests but have no idea how to work them I cant even switch them on, Its not dvd as there is no where to put a dvd in can anyone help Thanks in advance
  8. D

    milky screens on your sl se convertible soft top

    DIY i done today mixing your other(better!) half nail polish remover with water take a tea towel work on the inside with it damp with the solution and then another clean tea towel to wipe clean should remove the milky stuff on your screen, do not push it for if it is ready to crack you will...
  9. A

    Can I play DVD's to rear screens and add a reversing camera with this Command Unit?

    Hello Having never had command before I've no idea what model this is. It does seem to have an AUX / Video input or at least an option? I would like if possible to play DVD's but show them on a screen in the rear. I guess even if this does work the Sat Nav wouldn't work? Also could I add a...
  10. BillyW124

    bonded rear screens

    Afternoon Chaps, Out of curiosity, if you were to remove a bonded rear screen how would you get these off without cracking/damaging it? (i.e. on a 124 coupe, SEC, S coupes etc) and would you be able to put the same one back on? any ideas?
  11. gIzzE

    Does the comand NTG2.5 adjust the screens brightness automatically??

    As the title says really, I have the NTG2.5 Audio 20 and it has a setting for Day and Night and also a brightness slider, however the brightness is not independent for day and night, if you set it for 10 so you can see it in bright sunlight when it swicthes to night mode it stays on 10 and too...
  12. vincenz

    National **** Screens

    I imagine we have a no name and shame policy here like pistonheads so ill refrain from naming the company in question but they are a Windscreen company with a very similar name to that of the thread title. At the weekend my windscreen cracked, I think it was the intense heat as i'd left the...
  13. ngenius1

    wanted 560 SEC Front & Rear screens

    As title, for a 1989 560 sec. Thanks.
  14. mercmanuk

    2 screens with 1 card

    My graphics card has 2 outputs,so ive connected 2 screens in extended mode. both screens show the same desktop background but only screen 1 has all the desktop icons and bottom task bar. when the screensaver kicks in it only appears on screen 1,screen 2 just goes grey. is all this right or...
  15. S

    rear DVD screens in headrest are ok but !!!

    how do i get the dvd picture to play on the comand head unit ?? the DVD player is under the drivers seat but i cant see how to connect it up the the head unit ther is a cable leading from it to the dashboard but i loose it behind the heater matrix !! is there a special interface i need to buy...
  16. G

    In car DVD & screens

    Has anyone fitted a DVD system with screens, either headrest or roof mount type in their cars themselves? Just had a look on eBay and there are loads out there. Any recommendations? I've done my own audio installs in the past, but this would be something new for me
  17. M

    Head Rest Screens

    I have screens in the head rests of my 2002 W220 and I have lost power to both of them and the 6 disc dvd player in the boot. As this was a modification done by the previous owner I have no idea where the fuse or relay would be to check if they were still working. Does anyone have these screens...
  18. drh1210

    Headrest LCD screens

    Hi all, does anyone know whats the largest screen they have fitted into a 2002 ML? ive recently got a ML and the children are already missing the screens i had in my M3. Also, is there away that i can connect the video output to a comand unit? or should i simply not bother. (audio wise...
  19. Alps

    Headrest screens 202

    Thought id share my hard work installing headrest screens in my C36. was toying with the idea for ages and i finally did it! bought some BN s-class headrests cheap on fleabay, bought some Alpine TME-M780 screens, and hacked away for a few weekends. enjoy! screen close up both screens...
  20. R

    Head rest screens

    Has anyone fitted new headrests with screens built in for DVD etc?? Any comments, photos etc appreciated. :)
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