1. C

    Indicators, Wipers & Screenwash Come On Together

    Hi, My 2005 W203 Coupe has developed a wiring fault. When I indicate to turn right, the windscreen wipers turn on, and the screen wash squirts out until I cancel the turn signal. It only happens when the engine is cold, for the first few miles. I hope that somebody can suggest what the cause...
  2. N

    Screenwash -60 degrees

    Lidl currently selling at £4.49 for5 ltrs
  3. ringway

    Screenwash. I broke the rules.

    A lot of the screenwash on sale these days isn't up to much. I got tired of not being able to see properly through the screen, especially at night on motorways with a high volume of truck traffic which seem to throw up more oily stuff that smears on the screen. So, at the risk of blocking up...
  4. D

    Self-filling screenwash bottle?

    I am impressed with all the functions of my Merc, but seem to have found a new one today. As winter is setting in, and roads getting dirtier, thought it time to check all the levels on our daily vehicles. The misses car took about 3 litres of washer fluid to fill back up. The Merc took less...
  5. W

    Screenwash: poor labelling

    Why is the labelling on screenwash so poor? With comments like: Dilution rates for summer, winter, extreme winter.... We need actual temperatures with relevant dilution rates. And i've seen some that say "use neat for maximum protection" AND "Ensure spills on bodywork are wiped up...
  6. T


    The handbooks now refer to the need to use a windscreen washer fluid that is compatible with plastic headlamp lenses (assuming car has headlamp washers). Obvioulsy the MB dealer supplied fluid is suitable, but what other brands specifically state suitable for plastic lenses? I haven't seen...
  7. C

    Coolant and screenwash lights intermittently on and off.

    A little background: My old battery died and was setting my alarm off overnight, so I disconnected the earth lead... And then discovered the boot lock is seized and would not open without power. So, powered up through a boost point under the bonnet (up by the washer reservoir on the passenger...
  8. M

    screenwash inlet pipe

    Hi all, as I am in progress of sorting out my poor fuel consumption problem, I am also working on something else in the engine. In the E280 CDI V6 engine, under the pollen filter, the screen wash liquid inlet pipe is visible. This pipe goes through the passenger side fender (body) into the...
  9. Rayza

    C Class W204 Screenwash

    All, This maybe a silly question, but is there a specific screenwash I need to use for a new Class W204 2012 (on order currently)? Or can I use any? Thanks, Riz
  10. E


    Now we're getting to that time of the year - I wanted to know what screen wash you guys use? Have you got any tips or tricks?
  11. M

    Genuine Mercedes WinterFit Screen-wash

    Hi everybody, I have for sale brand new and sealed bottles of MB WinterFit screen-wash. They come in 1L concentrate bottles. Inchcape are currently selling each bottle for £4.60 with discount. Link: MERCEDES SCREENWASH 1L - Mercedes-Benz Parts, Inchcape Part No. A 002 986 14 71...
  12. wile_e_coyote

    W221 Only one wiper & no screenwash facility?

    Hi, I have a W221 S320CDi. Just recently, it has developed an intermittent fault which is that the passenger side wiper stops working and at the same time, the screenwash system stops also. It seems to happen randomly and yet fairly often. Sometimes I can reset it by stopping the engine &...
  13. Wizeng

    W203 rear screenwash HELP

    The rear screen washer on my W203 220 cdi estate is not working, :confused: I can't hear the water pump running, can anyone tell which fuse it is on and which box it is in? Obviously I want to check the fuse before I pull the motor out of the screenwash bottle. Thanks
  14. Chrishazle

    W203 Estate Rear Screenwash Problem

    Tried a search but can't find anything about what my beastie is doing, so "new thread". Problem : fluid for the rear screen wash on my 2001 W203 estate is not reaching the back of the car - instead it is coming out in the front passenger footwell somewhere around the back of the glove box (but...
  15. T

    Heated screenwash

    Was raking about in the garage,and came across something I've had lying about for years,which came off an old Saab I once had. Was a bit bored so decided to fit it to the old 190... Its brilliant! Roasting hot screenwash,and no electronics or relays involved! Basically just a copper...
  16. ringway

    Which Screenwash?

    I need to stock up on screenwash - I use a fair amount of the stuff. Which is the best brand to buy for value/performance? Pay a little more for a premium product? Or go to Tesco and buy their own brand? TIA. Paul.
  17. Omega

    General additives - coolant, screenwash etc

    I'm just starting to 'top-up' things on my new baby,,,,, and was wondering if I really need to use Mercedes Brands of Coolant,,,, Screen wash etc etc ? Don't get me wrong, if I do, then so be it. But I rekkon there will be as good products out there that some of you use,,,, at a better cost...
  18. Shala

    W202 left screenwash nozzle just flew off

    driving down the street i decided to wash my windscreen i suddenly saw a massive fountain on my bonnet. realised the nozzle flew off. how easy would it be to replace one of those? thanks shala
  19. Sp!ke

    screenwash lies

    Why is it that screenwash always freezes? So I bought some winter screenwash the other day, rated to -8 it said... Like hell it was, I filled the tank from empty (so I know it wasnt diluted) and as soon as it hit 0 degrees any attempts to use the squirter, it ended up with frozen liquid...
  20. Swiss Toni

    Cheap Screenwash?

    Having just realised that my local motorfactors are charging more for screenwash than the supermarket nextdoor charge for fuel (!!!) does anyone have a suggestion for a cheap outlet for the stuff? (Aldi? Lidl? Poundstretchland?) Even more painful is that Whitelightning cider appears to be...
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