1. R

    Dealership tried to screw me.. advice on what to do?

    Bit of a long winded story, so I'll condense it to the key points: I bought a 2011 BMW M3 a couple of months ago from a main dealer (won't name and shame yet). I decided to get it up on a ramp, mostly out of curiosity as to what it's like underneath. To my horror it was raining oil from both...
  2. C

    Glovebox trim screw for 2011 c220 CDI?

    Hi, does anyone know what size the screw to hold the glovebox trim "up" in the passenger footwell in a 2011 c220 is? It's the screw nearest to the centre of the vehicle. I got my car this week and have noticed the screw is missing whilst working out how to route the aux cable so the trim hangs...
  3. A

    will they try to screw me?

    Well I dropped the car off at main dealer earlier for a B service tomorrow. Couldn't decide if the car at 6 years old was worth going to dealer and their extortionate prices or find an indie, Every single receipt I have from previous owner is from dealer so I guess I wanted to carry it on. The...
  4. D

    Thermostat W203 screw size issue

    I bought a Circoli Thermostat Product Code: 209220340 yesterday. It fits ok but the 2 holes to attach cable holders are the wrong size. Therefore the original screws don't fit. Should ECP/manufacturer not be providing new screws or is this a defect?
  5. merc85

    No Cork Screw! no Problem! lol

    No Cork Screw? no Problem! lol Hahaha no cork screw!! No problem, size 11 and a brick wall job done lmfao If anyone gets caught out as above, Simply Put base of bottle in the shoe Heal end, And with one strike, bang it against a firm Wall at 90 degree's. Then up right the bottle for a...
  6. L

    Are 3 and 4 screw BAS/ABS modules interchangeable?

    Hi all. C 240 2003. My 4 screw A2035451632 BAS/ABS module is fubar according to BBA-Reman and they want £ 440 for a replacement. If I fit a 3 screw module with pump will it work ok? Cheers.
  7. D

    Private plate DVLA screw up?

    Hi all. I am pretty sure the DVLA have messed this up and need to double check. The actual plate details are changed in this post for obvious reasons. I have had a car since new in 2006 and it came with number plate AB56ABC. In around 2008 I put a cherished number plate on it which I...
  8. A

    W124 Front Wing replacement... how to remove bottom screw behind door

    Hello All, so I finished painting one of my new front wings last weekend and I think the clearcoat is now hard enough to allow me to fit it. I've managed, just, to remove the top two screws in the door recess, but just can't work out how to reach the bottom one. All the others on the wing will...
  9. Gollom

    Rubber bungs for screw holes

    Going to take the cycle rack off the motorhome and will need something to put in the screw holes that are left. Not sure what to search for on e-bay? Better still, anybody got something suitable hanging around they can post? Only need about 12 Ta
  10. A

    W203 (& other) Alarm siren screw type?

    Replacing the alarm siren on our W203 today but stuck with the security screw holding the old siren in. I believe it's either a reverse torx or secuirty torx - any ideas what type & size this is please? Cheers & thanks in advance!
  11. Mo-benz

    Torque screw size on numberplate bulb holders in a c63

    Hi does anyone know what torx screw size is for the bolts in a rear numberplate light fitting in c63 ?', also what type of bulb is it?.. And while I'm on the subject of fitments I need to know if the rear led lights from a 2012 new face lifted c63 would retrofit into the previous c63 2011 and...
  12. M

    W124 duo valve screw

    Just managed to shear one of these whilst reassembling after a duo valve clean and heater matrix flush on a 1994 E300D estate. It's a M3 x 45mm and like a wood screw, but engaging in plastic. Torx/star pan head. Does anyone have a duo valve which is u/s which might provide one ? The duo valve...
  13. S

    Mixture screw adjustment...scary stuff

    Hi I own an old 300E in Lebanon, which is a bit of a project which i have rescued. When i drove it away, i noticed it ran smooth when cold, but the moment it got up to operating temp, it became v sluggish and shook upon acceleration. So, i am in the process of looking at all the usual...
  14. G

    Sh!t...Problem with Brake Disc retaining screw &#$^&#

    so you guys may have remembered my problem 2 weeks ago with the brake caliper mount bolts. Well those got taken off with no problem with some high quality penetrating oil and a breaker bar. Now I have a problem with the disc retaining screw, this is little bugger has proven to be an extreme...
  15. Lukeydb

    screw missing underneath the car

    Hello I have one screw missing, does anyone know what is that screw and what part is this. Is located underneath my car in the middle... see pictures attached. What size is that screw?? Thanks
  16. Sp!ke

    Seized rear number plate screw

    One of the 4 rear number plate screws was seized and the screwhead has snapped off in the bolt that goes through the boot panel. I suppose I could have a battle and try and get this out somehow but I thought it would be easier and a cleaner look if I just attach the number plate with...
  17. nick mercedes

    screw compressor for sale

    Atlas Copco GX4 200ltr tank, very low hours, 3 phase. Same as this one: Atlas Copco GX4 Compressor | eBay (the ebay ad is noting to do with me I might add) £500
  18. MD5

    Screw : the parts costs!

    Bought this screw yesterday from my local dealer. I'd love feedback on what you think it should cost, and what you think it did cost.:eek:
  19. W

    Drilling out brake disc retaining screw - but what next?

    Today I changed my car's brake discs and pads. But I had to drill out the disc retaining screws as even an impact hammer would not remove them. I didn't anticipate this happening so I had no replacement. So I just refitted with new parts minus the screw. But I would like to replace the screw...
  20. R

    Number Plate - using a screw + cap to slightly alter?

    My friend... Is thinking of using a screw + cap to very very slightly alter the appearance of her number plate. The number plate is correctly spaced and in the correct font. She would be be placing two screw caps on the number plate, each almost the exact same distance from the edge of the...
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