1. E

    Screwed by the AA

    So on Thursday night the rear neaside Tire had a flat on my E55k. Came to a stop and could smell burning rubber. had a look around and it looks like the the inside of the Tire was split. I did not have a spare wheel so called out the AA they arrived in good time. I asked them to just...
  2. B

    Is my tensioner screwed??

    Got some nasty squeeling from engine bay. I think tensioner is failing. Just want opinion if i should replace pulley only or whole tensioner... There quite pricey. Thanks
  3. F

    It's official: I screwed my c270cdi gearbox

    Hi everyone. Well, it is true... I just screwed the gearbox and I need help: The case: my gearbox, after get in the right temperature, was getting in limb/safe mode when you press the gas hard... Sometimes even slipping to neutral. So I checked in a mb scanner and it was a sensor in sensor...
  4. del320


    Damn and Blast. Unrepairable, of course. Been through the lot and Kwik-Fit have come up cheapest at £99.40 all in. (Michelin Energy) I think this is my third puncture in 40 years. ...grrrr...
  5. kikkthecat

    New car order screwed up

    So I ordered a new Viano back in March and was given dates of a June build and July delivery. Initially I chose some "must haves" (colour, leather colour, electric rear doors and rear air con) and was given the understanding that I had plenty of time to add things or amend the spec. I had...
  6. KillerHERTZ

    Totally screwed up my PC

    The other day I downloaded an ahem crack for my copy of XP to remove the annoyling geniune noticifcation screen - I know I know its naughty. Once downloaded it sucessfully removed it, but has caused no end in grief. The computer has been completely taken over by spyware and the like and it...
  7. P

    Whole new way to get screwed

    Hi, I was watching a nice Alpine Nav/media system on ebay yesterday. It composed of the sort of level of kit I kit to buy (even if it was two years old). I sent the chap an email asking if it was able to play mp3 and got a reply in minutes (not bad at 2.00 am this morning) and the item was...
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