1. B

    Help please, grub, screws bottom of front shocks.

    Hi, I need to change the bottom lower rear front suspension arms on my w220 but where the shock absorbers sit onto the bottom arm ball joint it is held by two grub screws, now they are solid; I tried and they just wouldn't move, now I didn't know if i could apply heat to them as they are gas &...
  2. T

    W212 rear number plate screws rusted in: help

    Got some nice plates and plate holders. Switched the fronts in a couple of minutes The 4 rear screws are well rusted in Managed to get one out but the others........ Used mole grip pliers. All I've managed to achieve is the metal surround into which the screw goes now rotates...
  3. Eddy77

    Spinning Number Plate Screws - HOW TO fix

    Symptom: The number plate screws for your rear plate spin and spin. You can’t undo them because the thread into which they screw is spinning behind the boot panel. Reason for Problem: MB, in their infinite wisdom, use steel screws to secure the plates. But the threads into which the...
  4. L

    Screws for w203 Audio 10 replacement

    Hey all, So I've just been moving my Pioneer double DIN unit to my w203 and my delightful daughter has managed to lose the screws that are used to secure the fascia to the dash - With the Audio 10 there are only two screws anyway and the new unit needs four. Does anyone know the sizing for...
  5. C

    Seized Brake Bleed Screws

    Can anyone suggest a fix for this problem?
  6. Lenny63

    55k engine - breather/valve cover screws

    Hi all I'm trying to round up all the appropriate parts for valve cover replacement ad breather reseal I've got the special MB sealant for the breather covers , however it is recommended to replace the screws In the guide I've found t quotes part no : A000000004436. My local MB...
  7. S

    Stubborn Damaged Screws

    Hi Guys, Does anyone have any ideas how to tackle stubborn phillips screws? I am trying to get the Voltage Reg off of the Alternator in situ. The connectors and cover is off, and one of the three phillips screws is out, but one is stuck fast and rounded a bit. The one on the bottom I have cut...
  8. L

    W203 Radio Dash Torx Screws

    Hi, I've lost the 4 screws that hold the radio in place. Does anyknow know the spec of these so I can order on line or has anybody got any spare that I can buy? Thanks Louis
  9. Simzy

    Engine hex screws

    Anyone know where to get the hex screws that hold the engine cover in place as half of mine are missed causing a **** load of rattle from the cover.
  10. E

    W210 spacers / long screws for undertray / subframe

    Does anyone know where i can buy the spacers/long screws to fix to the undertray / subframe to aid water not getting trapped? I got the part numbers from a site search but my dealer does not recognise them? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  11. Somebody

    Are 500sec bleed screws M8x1.25mm?

    My brake bleed screws are all pretty rusty, so when I get to doing a brake overhaul I am going to replace them all. I always assumed they are M8 x 1.25mm, however somebody told me to be careful because they are M8 x 1.0mm, which incidentally are very uncommon. I can't really look at my old ones...
  12. D

    Number Plate Screws

    Number Plate Screws are evil little devils. As per usual I can't shift 'em. These can't even have been in that long. Screwdriver just tearing the head up. I've got some grips on order for tomorrow am. Any hints or tips? Got to do this as the new plate has been swapped over by the...
  13. KillerHERTZ

    CLK63 AMG Front Bumper Grills & Screws

    Anyone with the EPC mine getting me a diagram of the CLK63 AMG front number? I need the part numbers for the front centre grill, and all the screws/bolts. Thanks!
  14. W

    What is this part called?

    I managed to drive over a high rise curb and damaged the underside of my bumper. I need to replace the scews/plugs that attach the underside of the bumber but don't know where to find the replacement part or even what they a called?
  15. K

    Tracking,Alternator pulley and brake bleed screws

    Changed both tie rods and ball joints and my fuel consumption increased. Had the tracking done after 1000 miles and my fuel consumption has returned. How? While I am on here is there a tool for removing the alternator pulley as I am trying to renew mine? What is the size of the brake bleed...
  16. Gareth

    W211 Rear Numberplate Screws?

    Does anyone know the part number for the rear numberplate screws?
  17. Spera

    Rear number plate screws turning

    Hello to everyone.Lost my rear number plate today on my w211 avantgarde c270cdi 2002.Bought a new plate but the screws wont hold , they tighten but then pop out when close the boot.Tried longer screws but still wont catch just turning.Is there a way to fix this problem without sticking the...
  18. S9KSY

    Do i need to remove these 2 screws to remove w124 estate rear bumper?

    I have a 1995 E280 estate and want to replace its pre-facelift rear bumper which I put following accident damage years ago as a temporary measure. I now acquired the original colour coded bumper from a cannibalised W124 estate. I removed the 8 nuts (4 on each side) found under trims/spare...
  19. wd40

    Number Plate Screws

    This may seem an odd question, but it's not to me. I picked my car up just over a week ago, the log book came back today, which in turn means I can now put my own plate on it. So.... The dealer stuck the temporary plate on with the sticky back things, but I realise that merc plates are...
  20. M

    number plate screws

    Are the fixing points on my number plates (4 per plate, not quite in the corners) determined by MB or whoever fitted the plates? I ask this as some of the screws (philips headed) have corroded and I want to get some shiney new ones. Will MB stock them or will they look dumbly at me?
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