1. A

    Scuffed door Kids bike

    Hi guys and girls How best to tackle a scuff/scratch on my door. Some little runt trying to ride his bike one handed whilst carry a skateboard in the other one crashed into my car. He has also managed to chip my door handle, only very small chip but still bugs me so will have to get this...
  2. R

    Scuffed bumper (2)

    I add this as I didnt want to hi jack a similar previous thread, guess mods will merge if appropriate?) Im unsure if a paint shop would want to do a paint repair to a bumper scuff, past experience suggests they want to repaint the bumper even if its only a 3" mark......I have had a smart...
  3. B

    scuffed bumper

    Hi all, drove over a ridiculously high speed bump yesterday and after having a look this morning noticed its scuffed the under side of my front bumper back to the plastic ( area about 4x9") Any advice on options? Leave it? Smart repair? Full respray of the bumper? Its only visible if you get on...
  4. Jimmy2404

    Rough cost to fix - scuffed bumper

    What would be the rough cost for putting this right? There's a few cracks in the paint as well which you can't see on the photo. No dints or anything, just scuffed!
  5. cctesta

    Scuffed my alloys - twice!

    I just need to vent! I have scuffed my 19" alloys not once, but twice!!!! On two consecutive days!!!! I was parking in Bristol to drop my niece off and quickly nipped into a space on the road. When manouvering I misjudged the height of the curb and how close I was then -...
  6. S

    Speaker grille replacement & scuffed trim

    Hey everyone... Brand new to this forum, and new to the world of mb! Just bought a CLK 220 CDI 2008 Avantgarde, and a am loving it. Starting up in a business for myself, and after years of having vauxhall company cars... (Last car an insignia) - I'm loving the upgrade (even though the new...
  7. J

    Fixing Scuffed Bumper on SWMBO's car

    Wife has had her rear bumper scuffed in a car park. as usual perp was nowhere to be found!! luckily it's plastic or whatever they are made of these days. it appears to be just paint scuffing in the main with a little filling to be done just wondered what procedures forum members suggest i...
  8. gaz_l

    Scuffed alloys

    Managed to nerf a kerb yesterday, both N/S alloys now have kerb rash :mad:. Coming off a roundabout in Devon, following the natural line of the road and kissed a lobe on the kerb sticking out.. no reason for it to be there (country road, no pavement) other than a slip of the road planners pen...
  9. Gucci

    HELP: Scuffed plastic - how to fix?

    As you may know, I'm about to take delivery of my ML350 this week :bannana: - However, there's the Mini Cooper to shift. It's in great condition, except for the back of the driver and passenger seats. The plastic casing is badly scuffed. Can this be fixed/improved at all? Ta!
  10. I

    Scuffed Leather Seats

    Can anyone help me to find something that will refinish the leather on my drivers seat ? It is a two tone mid and dark grey on a 2002 CLK. The car is immaculate apart from where the previous owner ( a little larger than me ! ) has slid in and out of the seat wearing the colour off it. I have...
  11. T

    Mercedes leather scuffed - help please

    Hi Everyone, On my SLK (W Reg) I have some quite bad leather scuffing around the handbreak and the interior door handles. The leather is biege originally, but in the scuff points there are black spots - where the top coat has completely gone. I assume this is the plastic underneath? How...
  12. simonl

    Someone scuffed my car, questions.....

    "Dean" was just for starters. Got to my car today and somebody who tried to parallel park behind it did a lousy job and scuffed the rear nearside bumper. There's white paint on the bumper and green paint (of the vivianite variety) on the white car parked behind mine (front offside wing). So I...
  13. Bugblatter

    Scuffed mirror casing

    Everything in UK car parks is designed to cater for vehicles smaller than a Daewoo Matiz. Anyway, I've scuffed the nearside mirror casing, taking a very small area of paint off. If I was a normal human being, I'd just accept it, as my 2002 C180 (would that be a W203?) is Tektite Grey, the...
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