1. A

    Scumbags :(

    Sundays are when I park in the town centre when I'm working in Doncaster, no traffic wardens and my usual car park too empty to be safe. Walking up to it after work, one of my colleagues remarked how great it looks when clean (ahem) but as I went to open the door I realised someone had keyed it...
  2. OneCarefulOwner

    car scrappers & leafletting scumbags

    Came back from work yesterday to find some git had stuck a "scrap cars bought for cash" leaflet under the wiper of my Allegro. To say I was annoyed is putting it mildly; this is a car parked on the road, with a year's tax on it, and only a small spot of rust bubbling on one door - I'm in the...
  3. moonloops

    Car clamping - it's game over for the cowboys

    Cowboy clampers who prey on millions parking on private land to be outlawed | Mail Online Rather than regulate the industry they have outlawed clamping :bannana:
  4. bigyin1

    scumbags hit my car!!!!

    Woke up this morning in a bad enough mood, drove to work. Then a colleague said something like - "bashed the titanic did you", eh? Turns out my nearside front indicator has been bashed in, bumper scraped and worse of all, the bodywork area around the indicator has been dented :mad::mad::mad...
  5. Gucci

    Scumbags with front

    At 1:10am I heard some chatting outside the house. Two girls (standard issue MASSIVE hooped earrings) sat in a Skoda Favorit. A few moments later, a guy turns up (standard issue hoodie/roof down) with a couple of bags. Then I noticed he had black gloves on. He then returned with a big red square...
  6. jdrrco

    More thieving scumbags

    Coming home from Sainsbury's at Greengates in Bradford this morning, I was nearly hit by a red Ford Mondeo taxi jumping the lights on the Harrogate Road. There was a guy standing by the side of the road looking at it, shocked and dazed. Suddenly I realised that it was his car and it was being...
  7. Alps

    Thieving scumbags

    heres the story 3 mnths ago Brother in Law bought a BMW E36 328i M-Tec T reg. 3 weeks of having it, some scumbag stole the side door mouldings, £130 to replace the set. Last night he was taken to hospital with food poisoning, I get a call at 1:30am saying his neighbour just rang saying...
  8. scumbag

    Scumbags SLK video

    well, if i had made one like this you can be sure i would have put a link to it. still, i like it so if you have the time gave it ago. its not me driving tho. i would have crashed. you have to click on one of the links.
  9. scumbag

    scumbags chariot

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