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    HELP! Programming with SDS on W210

    Hi, I have retrofitting heated/ventilated seats with lumbar, headlamp washers, and power folding mirrors. Everything has been wired to fuse boxes, pse pump, switches, and modules. I currently have them installed with the led light display working in the dash, but the seats will not heat or...
  2. M

    Climate Control Swap - Need SDS programming help

    Hello, I have a 2440 E320 and I swapped the original climate control with the one from a E500 (the one with the display). Now I wanted to use DAS (in dev. mode) to set up the car so it knows the new unit. But I would need some help. I read that some guys from the UK or at least from this forum...
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    Buying the SDS

    Does anybody know where i go to get my grubby little hands on the star tester as its not something that you can pick up in your local halfords is it. BMW had a provider that you could purchase their DIS system from and i am wondering if its the same for merc. Thanks in advance Dan
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    C180 SDS Light

    Hi Can anyone help me Please, My SDS light has come on on my MB C 180 and I don't now how to get it off , any ideas, I know I could remove the bulb but if I could do it properly it would be good, I have read that the air bag won't work while the light is on, but not worried about that...
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