1. Druk

    Silicone sealant problem.

    About five years ago I replaced one of the roof hatches in the caravan. It's approx 300 x 300 and made from an ABS type plastic and is held to the roof by an internal frame screwed up into it on four corners. The sealant used at the time was Evo-Stik No-Nails which I've successfully used in many...
  2. OCD BAL

    Protech Ultima Professional Paint Sealant - Is it worth it?

    Hi Everyone, I've ordered my new GLC43 AMG and am wondering whether or not to go for the paint sealant offered by the dealer at an additional cost of £895. They call it Protech Ultima Polysilazine Has anyone had this ceramic coating applied to their car and if so do you think it's worth it? The...
  3. O

    Using sealant to fix a slow tyre leak

    I have a very slow leak in front tyre c. 0.5 Bar over 2 weeks and wondering if using a sealant, such as Slime, that is fed through the valve a viable fix? I am considered using Slime as it does not harm the run flat pressure sensors. I have already had the tyre refitted and the rims...
  4. A

    Sealant & wax

    Does every one still use a sealant and then a coat off wax Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. E

    Resealing door membrane - which sealant?

    Good afternoon, gentlemen. I need to replace the (missing) plastic waterproof door membrane on my R129. Polythene builders' sheeting is not a problem for the membrane, but I've no idea which sealant to use to stick it in place. Does anybody have a recommendation?
  6. L

    Wheel Cleaner,Wheel Wax, Paint Sealant, Quick Detailer Bundle by Wonder Wheels

    1. Wonder Wheels Top Gloss Detailer NEW £4 RRP £8 2. Wonder Wheels Super Wheels Wax NEW £4 RRP £8 3. Wonder Wheels Paintwork Sealant NEW £5 RRP £10 4. Wonder Wheels Paintwork Sealant 90% £4 RRP £10 5. Wonder Wheels Hot Wheels Cleaner NEW £6 RRP:£12 Bundle Price...
  7. reflexboy

    Wax after sealant?

    Afternoon all I have just gone over my car with Poorboys Black Hole (as you do!) and have then given it two coats of Jetseal 109. Although not strictly necessary, I would like to top it off with a coat of wax. I have AG HD wax and Poorboys Nattys Blue Paste Wax. What would be the better product...
  8. Mrhanky

    Sealant / wax after respray

    Since finding evidence of a couple of smart repairs, they have been sticking out like sore thumbs ever since. So what started out as a simple blow over of said Smart Repairs, has now ended up in a complete front end respray and respray of the rear bumper. Also getting all new chrome trim fitted...
  9. KillerHERTZ

    Sealant to use around UPVC Double Glazing (Exterior)

    My flat currently has some very old UPVC double glazing, when its windy I can hear a whistling coming from the windows. After looking outside I can see that on 3 sides of the windows the sealant between the window frame and the brickwork is cracking, and half of it has already come away. As a...
  10. Merco34

    Sealant question

    Just going over my New C class, have clayed and DA the bonnet. Want to know what the best way to apply the sealant? ie with a Black pad on the Da speed 1? and would you recommend a Wax afterwards or does the sealant do the same Job? Thanks :thumb:
  11. kalvin928

    head gasket sealant- viable option

    Hi all got battered up 1.4 petrol Skoda estate which I use for work, its had quite a hard life and ever since I have had it (2 years)there has been slight oil leak... I normally don't need to add any oil for a couple of months and this is even with a daily commute into and around London. my main...
  12. MDC250

    Tried a new spray sealant

    So as per title bought 5 litres of Car Chem HiShine as on offer via DW. Managed a little play today. Both cars were given:- Pre wash with VP Citrus Pre Wash; Foam with DJ iFoam (not convinced about this product, not as good so far as other foams I've used but will try a stringer mix next...
  13. S

    ContiMobilityKit. Compressor and Tyre Sealant.

    Unused, as new. Great to use if no spare wheel available, or a trailer etc. 12V Compressor can be used on it's own to inflate tyres/ top up pressure etc. Long use-by date on the tyre sealant (02/2017)...
  14. Felstmiester

    Wheel sealant / armour ??

    Just getting into the detailing thing since I got the merc. Tried the snow foam now I want more lol. Anyone got any idea about the wheel sealants ? G techniq , poor boys etc. Seems the g tech is much higher priced than poor boys. Just need some pointers. Thanks in advance.
  15. SL300-24

    Wheel Sealant

    I have just had my W211 sport wheels refurbished by Lepsons. They are all paint no diamond face and they are looking brand new How can I keep them that way? I would appreciate knowing what polish/sealant you detailing guys recommend? Thanks in advance for any info.
  16. jerry270ML

    C32 Resealing the Recirculating Cover

    I changed my plugs and wires and I discovered that I have a small oil leak on the cover that helps recirculate oil on top of each of the valve covers. There is no gasket that can be replaced...
  17. S

    silicone sealant around windscreen

    I had a look at a '92 190e this afternoon. I noticed it had a generous smear of silicone sealant around the top corner of the windscreen and extending up along the plastic trim on the rain gutter. Are leaks around this area usual? or is the silicone hiding something nasty underneath - such...
  18. shanksy

    Sealant for upper timing cover

    Hi all, Still in the process of replacing the head gasket on my 94 e220 coupe W124. Does anyone know what sealant can be used for the upper timing cover ? The manual states it should be Omnifit FD10, however the dealer did not list it and a google search doesnt shed much light either...
  19. Bobby Dazzler

    Carnuba + Sealant = ?

    I stopped by the Dodo Juice stall at Goodwood FoS and swapped £25 for a clay kit and some Supernatural wax. Not used a Carnuba wax before, and so wondered whether it's possible to combine the carnuba's warmth with a sealant's durability. I have some Autoglym Extra Gloss Protection already...
  20. proser

    Tyre Sealant

    I have 10 bottles available (clearing out lockup garage) 950ml per bottle £12 delivered (mainland uk only) each, or I'll offer a discount for 5+ ideal for trailers, offorad 4x4s, quads, atv's, wheel barrows, golf carts etc full details can be seen here
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