1. C

    Sealing diamond cut wheels

    I'm about to get my AMG 7-spoke (black inlay/diamond-cut face) wheels refurbished and am thinking how to preserve the as-new finish for as long as possible. Previously polished/waxed/3 coats of PoorBoys wheel sealant several times a year plus weekly washing, but I am wondering if there are any...
  2. D

    w221 wind noise, sealing issue, anyone got access to TSBs?

    Hi all, I have a small but incessant wind noise in my 2008 s class when driving over about 65mph. It comes from the top rear corner of the drivers door, right next to my ear and sounds like a high pressure hissing. It really spoils what is otherwise a very serene motorway cruising experience...
  3. M

    Injector sealing nightmare...

    Hey! I'm new to the forum and have been following advice on other post but I'm still struggling massively. I brought an ML270 last month, with the an injector bolt snapped, and the injector half ejected from the head. So I drilled out the bolt as far as I could, tapped a new thread etc etc...
  4. Ermir

    trunk sealing

    Hi guys. Im going to change the sealing on my w203 couse the old one leaks. I bought anoher used one. Does it need any adhesive or silicon or just pushed in place? Thanks.
  5. Abb

    Sealing new wheels

    Have just purchased a brand new set of wheels for my CLS. Prior to having the tyres fitted I thought it would be a good idea to apply some products to them to seal them. Would a few layers of poor boys do it? If so how long am I supposed to leave it between applying coats as I believe you are...
  6. developer

    Sealing My Wheels For Winter

    In preparation for winter, I took all four wheels off, painted the rusty hubs that the previous owner hadn't treated, cleaned the wheels and calipers and waxed them with Bouncers Looking Sweet Wheel Wax. They sure do sparkle now (though the phone shots don't really show it) and I'm hoping the...
  7. reflexboy

    Sealing a block paved driveway

    I'm looking to give my block paved driveway a facelift. I would like to clean it and then re-sand and seal it. There are so many sealants on the market and have no idea which one to go for. As my drive is grey, I would like the sealant to slightly darken the blocks and help/block the weeds from...
  8. Whitey

    Sealing new plaster

    Just a quick one gents. Fresh plaster BEHIND kitchen units - would you seal this area with watered down PVA in area that are not going to be painted ? I'm not going to use PVA on visible areas as this can lead to flaking paint ?! Any advice appreciated as my boiler is ready to be hung ...
  9. A

    Best options for sealing new Calcite White paint?

    Some advice from you good people please. I take delivery of a new C350 in Calcite White next week. I'm thinking it's prudent to give the factory fresh paint a coat of a decent wax/sealant. What would you guys recommend? I'm a big fan of Colinite 476 - was thinking of using this, but see...
  10. skemball

    W210 Diesel Injector Sealing Washer Extraction

    Read with interest lots of posts on the dreaded CDi injector removal problems. I have just removed the rear-most (No. 6) injector due to blow-by of the sealing washer. Fortunately for me it could only have been blowing for 150 miles as I replaced a glow plug last Sunday and it definately...
  11. stats007

    Polythene Sealing Doors

    Does anyone know anywhere in the UK you can buy these? I have a PVC flexible sliding door that I want to replace with a sealable one.
  12. S

    Exhaust graphite sealing ring blowing!

    Part of the exhaust system on my C270 CDI is blowing.more noticeable when engine is cold.Having looked at the system from in my brothers garage inspection pit,it seems to be blowing from between the turbo and the first cat. I am thinking of having a go at changing the following parts-the...
  13. Satch

    Removing sealing mastic from brick

    Had the garage door changed a while ago (an electric multi section insulated wonder, if I say so myself) and the frame sit on the inner brick face of the door space. Now the frame of the old one was mounted inside the apeture and was sealed with the ususal white silicon mastic. Been trying to...
  14. D

    Injector sealing ring replacement

    A previous thread made note of some dried blank gunk around the injectors and it was identified as soundproofing that had melted due to injector sealing rings failing. Well, I've got the same stuff around one of my injectors so I want to replace the sealing rings. Can any one tell me if...
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