1. gigdesigns

    Linguatronic POI search UK not possible

    I've recently bought a C Class W205 which I believe has Comand NTG5*2. I've starting to learn some of the MB voice commands, one of which is the navigation command: "POI by name" (You can also say "Points of interest by name") This command should allow you to do a keyword POI search, however...
  2. Hunty2198

    Search for next car

    My CLS 63 AMG W219 model was writen off last weekend whists parked outside my house :-( I am now in search of another car but dont want to lose out on performance and on a budget of 20k. Any recomondations to what cars are around the 500bhp? I have been looking at the S550 w221 but i beleive...
  3. D

    My search for a CLK Vert ended here?

    So, I was looking to move from a Jeep Wrangler soft top to something that didn't take the skin off my knuckles when taking the top off. I thought about a 330ci Vert and then started to think about a CLK Vert. The 3.5 litre engine and 7G tronic box issues put me off so I then moved my horizons...
  4. F

    What car search www's

    Hi What www's do you use to search for motors? And do any allow you to search on miles per tank????
  5. Tim203

    Help with thread search

    I can never get the search to find threads. Trying to post a good number plate but can't find it, please help or bump. Ta.
  6. Y

    Newbie on the search for a C32

    Hi folks, just joined and thought I should introduce myself. Im Stewart from SW Scotland, just sold my Scooby and currently on the hunt for a nice C32 AMG. Obviously the best place to try and find a good one is on an owners club forum so here I am. Im off to read through the old threads and...
  7. C

    CL 55 AMG search

    Hi to all I am a new member currently driving a Jaguar S Type R ( don't know if I should mention that on here ) but have fallen head over heals for the CL 55 AMG I have been searching for quite a while for a decent one and have come across many pigs and lyers along the way !!! I would...
  8. ringway

    Search Engine Optimisation. DIY Advice.

    How can I improve our online presence? We have had a reasonably nice website for many years and have paid someone to handle the hosting and SEO. However, we have fallen down the rankings and when I asked why, the response was "More companies and bigger budgets". I'm not an expert in these...
  9. C

    VITO cup holder search

    Hi all, I'm a newbie to the site, but hope you can help me. I've just ordered a new Vito automatic with the captain seats but one of the options I wasn't able to order was the centre console cup holders.. The dealer said this wasn't available to him as a factory extra but I have seen it on...
  10. C

    Audio 20 Alphabet Search

    Just got a 14 reg W205 with touchpad and Audio 20 and on day one whilst searching my ipod by artist it displayed a vertical list in alphabetical order with a column on the right of the display just showing ABC etc, a shortcut to jump through the artists quickly. Day two, I've still got the full...
  11. guydewdney

    any app / ebay search website developers about?

    got an idea for a function that we have needed / required several times now, yet doesnt appear to exist. Im sure we are not the only ones. an analogy: you want a car, 2003 to 2006 year. but autotrader makes you search for 2003, or 2004, etc and its listed as 2003, '03, 12 years old, a 53...
  12. Screwdriver

    The search for a RHD W115 Diesel with AC..

    ...has not gone well. 6 months later and no luck. Has anyone seen a Right hand drive /8 Diesel with an AC in Europe? I'm thinking about casting a wider net and including petrol motors as well...but the thought of dealing with a carb doesn't sit well. Any suggestions always welcome. Cheers!
  13. R

    rear shock absorbers search w124

    Good people trying to find a non mercedes rear shock absorber for a w124 230TE 1988... my garage has been sent three and non of them fit! Any ideas? Thanks Rich
  14. A

    I Search Akrapovic Tips for C63...

    Hi all! I search Akrapovic Tips! I have slip-on system without tips. My tips got lost! :mad: If who sells them, please tell me!
  15. BTB 500

    M-B UK recalls - where to search?

    What's the best source of info. on UK recalls? The CPS failed without warning on our 2007 V6 Vito today. A bit of Googling turned up this recall in Australia AustralianCar.Reviews: #1 for Reviews and Used Car Valuations The normal VOSA search here brings up this recall for M, C, CLK...
  16. J

    search not working on forum

    evening all , anybody having problems with the search not working ? type in and click search and it takes me to a blank page i am using firefox also same on advanced search ?? :devil:
  17. J

    Hi all. Beginning my search and intro

    First of all just to say hello. I couldn't seem to find the new members section to write an intro. Maybe coz I'm on a mobile device. I am intending to get a C63 coupe soon, subject to a test drive as I have never driven one, so I need to know if I will like it. Previously a BMW man through and...
  18. KillerHERTZ

    VIN Number Check

    Anyone be able to check a VIN number for me? PM please :) Thanks
  19. G

    The search continues...

    Started out looking for an E55k Saloon, came close to grabbing a few members cars, but thats harder than it looks ! But after much debate with the other half, an estate is really whats needed so refocused on those.. Checked out a couple , thanks to SavMan for spotting one that was Cat D...
  20. N

    search for new wheels

    Hi all' I am an old "computer slow" newby. I have 2012 c 250 coupe. I want to replace a front wheel I have curbed, but try as may cannot find site for new 18" 7 spoke alloy amg wheel. Can anyone help? There are several on ebay, but not knew. Thanks.
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