1. J

    kids + seatbelt equals scratched door interior

    Hey All, My lovely kids bless them have now scratched the paint work 3 times on the rear doors when they slam them whilst the seatbelt is left dangling. See image at the bottom middle is the area i mean. Sick of it, and no amount of shouting at them seems to help. Any suggestions what...
  2. N

    GLC seatbelt failure & attempted MB cover up.

    Mum warns Mercedes-Benz drivers after seatbelt 'fault' sends child flying into dashboard - Manchester Evening News
  3. milleplod

    R500 seatbelt clips.

    One of the 3rd-row seatbelt retaining clips has broken - not a major issue really, but it means the parcel shelf catches on the belt when its retracting....annoying indeed! I've trawled the 'net looking for the part number, but to no avail. I've attached a pic of the clip - just wondered if...
  4. Scooby_Doo

    Seatbelt extenders,anyone used them ??

    I bought a Graco booster seat,with the backrest and headrest,for my grandson to go in the back seat of my wife's W169 "A" class. PROBLEM, the seat belt clip is mounted so rigidly in the seat base that you can't get the belt to lock in place easily as the booster seat base sits flush with the...
  5. Horrgakx

    Seatbelt oddity

    Hi all - I came to use the rear middle seatbelt today for the very first time as I had 4 passengers plus me. However strangely we couldn't work out how to work the seatbelt!! (It's a 65 plate C250 W205). It seems that the fastner is BELOW the plastic 'button' which is set into the belt...
  6. HughJarse

    Help - Seatbelt stuck

    The rear seatbelt has stuck on my split/folding rear seats keeping the 2/3 portion of the seat permanently flat. This here is the exact problem Does anyone know a quick...
  7. flango

    CLK W208 Coupe door speaker grille (rear) + Drivers seatbelt

    Had one of those moments today cleaning the car shut the door and the seatbelt had not fully retracted doing this. Does anyone have the rear speaker grille. also the front one if you have the pair as thats a little worn too. Appreciate these may be on a door card so if you want to sell the...
  8. D

    W204 C200 seatbelt ignition ??????

    I pulled up in front of a set of gates yesterday and the Eco mode switched off the engine, I was on flat ground and just left it in drive because I knew I had to wait where I was for a few minutes, I unclipped my seatbelt and the engine started and the car headed towards the gate, I managed to...
  9. K

    S211 e220

    Hello all I need to replace the passenger side rear seatbelt (not in boot) from my S211 E220. I have managed to release one side (front) of the c-pillar trim but cannot figure how to release the rear side. It butts right up to the glass. Any help gratefully received. Thanks k
  10. K

    C124 coupe seatbelt triangle

    Mercedes W 124 Seatbelt Triangle (right Hand) | eBay why do people charge more than a dealer?? ordered this today from MB in Brighton, 17.45 +vat:D. they even posting it to me for nothing:bannana:
  11. A

    W124 Coupe Seatbelt Spring

    Wanted: one W124 Coupe seatbelt spring and plastic insert as shown in the attachment. Thanks, Andy
  12. tintinmt

    209 clk seatbelt

    I have to replace the driver's seatbelt on my clk280. Part number is A2098602585 / 9C94. Any suggestions on where to buy please? I would rather buy new but if there was a used one in the UK I would consider. Thanks.
  13. G

    Seatbelt and door light fault W124 coupe 1994

    Hi there I was removing my drivers side window motor and accidentally touched the wired together and now the seatbelt arm on the passages side is stuck out and neither seatbelt butler works, the door lights have stopped working too. I'm not sure if anything else was affected yet. I have checked...
  14. P

    jammed rear seatbelt

    Hi can any body help with the jammed centre rear seatbelt on my e350 estate
  15. lordlee

    Seatbelt cleaning

    Not the most interesting of detailing threads but anyway - I have grey seatbelts on the car and the drivers side one was looking a bit grubby which was letting the rest of the interior down in my eyes. Anyway I decided to whip the Polti (small steam cleaner) out and let steam have a go at...
  16. guydewdney

    211 rear seatbelt clip

    nsr seatbelt retainer, clip, socket, the bit with the red button. Mines been crushed somehow!
  17. Deadly Dave

    Seatbelt wiring diag.

    Would anyone have a wiring diag. for the seatbelt butler in a 1988 300CE please. The Haynes manual doesn't have one. Thank you.
  18. C

    3rd rear seatbelt

    Dear all, we currently have a C200K but wanted something, that at rare times, could seat 3 people in the back. I really don't want to get rid of my wife's C200K but is there any way a central lap belt could be fitted or something similar (like the rear of a C Class saloon??)
  19. S

    Drivers seatbelt slow to retract clk 270 2004

    Just bought a CLK270 (04) but the drivers seatbelt is very slow to wind back up you have to sit there feeding it back in. The question is does it need a strip down and clean, could I swap it for a rear passenger seatbelt or time to replace it and save a lot of hassle. Any advice best way to...
  20. N

    w209 Help! can only get rear side panel half way off

    I have a 2003 (sept build) w209 coupe that i want to get to the seatbelt guide, as it have popped off. I have the pdf for sidepanel removal and i have gotten the part where i have unlocked the locking strip and cant get the panel off as its stuck further in,, step 11 it says remove srs cap...
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