1. V

    W123 Rear Seatbelts

    Hi There, I have a 1982 W123 4dr saloon. The NSR Seatbelt has a rip in it and needs to be replaced. Will the seatbelt from a coupe fit? I can get a good S/H belt from a coupe for a good price Any advice greatly appreciated! Thanks Matt
  2. BTB 500

    If you ever wondered why seatbelts were a good idea ...

    Five people died in this SUV when it rolled (USA): None of them were wearing seatbelts. Looks like they'd have walked away from it otherwise? Driver was 16 ...
  3. V

    Cleaning Mould from seatbelts?

    My new project has mould on seatbelts, tried cleaning those but no too much luck. Any suggestions (please do not offer bleach lol)?
  4. C240Sport97

    potecting yellow seatbelts

    the yellow seat belts in my 911 gets dirty (not obvious unless you are looking closely), and the dirt is not easy to remove. most of the dirt is because I drive mostly with windows open, which means the belt rub/flap against clothes and also leather (on passenger side). I have to clean the...
  5. c55

    Wanted Seatbelts for Seats 6 and 7 W124 Estate 93

    Wanted Seatbelts for Seats 6 and 7 W124 93 Estate Preferable Black Seatbelts for Seat 6 and 7, obviously No cuts and tears Thanks
  6. kusanku

    cleaning beige seat-belts

    I have a beige interior, which is a challenge to keep clean. I generally manage it, but I have not found a way of getting the seat-belts looking really clean. Have tried carpet/upholstery cleaner, but nothing seems to bring them up quite right. Has anyone found anything particularly effective on...
  7. 6pot


    Does anyone know when they became law to be worn in the UK? Wikipedia says volvo introduced a 3 point belt in 59. I was wondering When is it ok not to wear them? im certain its ok if you have a medical condtion or if you have a job as a multi drop driver? Anyway in the last week ive been...

    Seatbelts in need of a good old wash!

    The seat belts in my CLK are a very light grey colour, they look as though they could do with a damn good clean..... whats the best way to go about this? Sounds an easy job but to do it well i can see it being quite a lengthy process....any tips? Cheers.
  9. P

    W211 Airbags & Pre tensioners

    Hi, new here so hope I am posting in the correct area. My 2007 w211 E320Cdi Estate has been involved in a head on collision. The drivers airbag and seatbelt pre-tensioner were discharged as expected, but I am bemused by some other occurences - namely, the drivers seat squab seems to have moved...
  10. K

    How to clean seatbelts?

    Hi all! My seatbelts (in alpaca grey) are really dirty; the previous owner must have had really grubby hands! Anyway, they really let the rest of the interior down. Any suggestions as how I might clean them? A fairly virgorous rub ;) with a cloth soaked in various cleaning products did not...
  11. M

    E240 Squeaky seatbelts

    Hi, The front 2 seatbelts in particular tend to squeak quite loudly when pulling them through. (E240 -1999) Any idea how to access the mechanism please,and what/where to lubricate. They are covered with an upright which matches the interior lining, they are held i n place some how, but I can't...
  12. M

    seatbelts in a 124

    this is going to sound really anorakish :o it possible to get new red inserts for the seatbelt buckle holders? Mine are faded and it kind of annoys me every time i buckle up (v. sad i know) also if they are available are they a real pain to fit? matt
  13. mickl

    MOT question on seatbelts

    on my other car one of the seatbelts don't fully retract in when released. Is this ok from a MOT point of view? It works fine when belted up.
  14. F

    has anyone ever fitted rear seatbelts 2 a W114/5

    Long time since anyone has had to think about installing rear seat belts where there were none but it's worth a bash. I've a 230.4 1974/5 - I think they're known as W114/5 ( have you worked out you have a female infiltrator yet?) Anyway, there are no rear seat belts becasue its in South Africa...
  15. C


    hi i have bought second hand seat belts but they r wound in and wont come out can they be fixed or not do any one know please
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