1. B

    ML270cdi 7 seater - can seats be taken out?

    Hi there Just got a 270cdi 2004 - primarily for horse trailer towing and general use. Just wondering if can take/remove the extra 2 seats at rear which fold away - just for extra space etc. Thanks
  2. M

    1995(n) mercedes-benz e220 estate w124 automatic in silver 7 seater

    Full Details Mercedes E220 Estate Automatic (W124) 7 Seater Vehicle Specs: General • Registered 1st December 1995 – N Reg • Four Owners From New • 202,521 miles only with Excellent Service History (see below) • 2.2 Litre Engine • 4 Speed Automatic...
  3. dougal74

    89 Black S124 Brabus 3.6 7 Seater

    Hi all Does anyone have any info on this car: eBay Link
  4. M

    Wanted ML270 7 seater

    looking for well cared for, low mileage ML270 7 seater. (facelift) Prefer tow bar as well if possible. please get in touch if you have one to sell. Cheers, Steven
  5. merc85

    s211 e320 cdi 7 seater

    This was totally immaculate when i sold it needing absolutely nothing 6 months ago, I spent approx 5k making this totally superb. (they've used my old pic's) and see build thread "detailing the oil burner" So not current. I'm no way affiliated with the chap selling it, but would love it to...
  6. H

    Wanted: ML270 W163 7 seater

    Hi, I'm looking for an ML270 W163 7 Seater model. Any colour apart from silver. Prefer cream leather. If anyone's looking to sell there's or you know anyone selling please let me know. Thanks
  7. guydewdney

    2004 E320cdi estate, starship mileage, 7 seater

    218,000 miles. plenty of battle scars. very high spec. full airmatic dc 7 seats towbar (factory hideaway type) kids booster seats and blinds built in 4 zone climate comand dynamic memory seats that change shape round corners plus massage etc. both front seats memory parktronic dark...
  8. astamir

    W211 e320cdi 2004 7 seater

    Hi guys! I've got my w211 e320 cdi 7 seater model in black metallic with service history and mot till September 2016 140k miles I serviced the engine and full flash gearbox service including the electrical connector. Also in the time of my ownership I changed front springs driver side lower...
  9. P

    E Class 7 seater - V5 says 5 seats

    I recently received my V5 for my W212 E class with 7 seats. The 7 seat option is on the datacard, but the V5 states it is only 5 seats. A big supermarket has partial V5s on its site, and 6 other 7 seaters they have sold also have 5 seats on the V5, so it seems that it is normal. I wonder...
  10. S

    7 seater conversion for e-class estate

    Hi, I have a 5 seater w210 estate. Wanted to convert into a 7 seater so needs seats, seatblets, footwell carpet etc. All the parts to convert. Must be clean cloth or leather with no pet hairs. Can come down and remove. Thanks
  11. BlackC55

    E240 for sale. 7 seater. Lovely condition. Serviced at PCS.
  12. M

    2005(55) mercedes e320 cdi elegance estate automatic 3.0 v6 diesel 7 seater

    Full Details 2006(55) MERCEDES E320 CDI ELEGANCE ESTATE AUTOMATIC 3.0 DIESEL GREEN - Mercland Mercedes E320 CDI Elegance Estate Automatic 7 Seater Vehicle Specs: General • Registered 16th February 2005 – 55 Reg • Two Owners From New – Last Owner Since 2009 • 155,462 miles only...
  13. H

    7 seater option W124 estate

    Hi, I´m still searching for the upolstery in colour creme/mushroom for my W124 estate from 1991. Leather or cloth. Prefered cloth. Anybody an idea who sales such. Five days not looks in fleabay. Last week was one for sale. Now gone! :doh: Such a bad luck!!! Kind regards, Tim
  14. D

    Dog-guard for Vito Dualiner (5 seater)

    Recently bought a 2014 5 seater Dualiner. One of our dogs can easily squeeze from the boot into the seating area either side of the 3 rear seats! Have searched the 'net but so far failed to find any sort of simple dog guard(s) that effectively blocks the gaps either side of the rear seats. Any...
  15. kingdave

    WANTED: S211 7 seater

    We're looking for a new family car, missed out on two that were advertised so I thought I'd try a different tack. Ideal spec. - Not black or light silver exterior - Must have light coloured interior - Has to have 7 seats - memory seats a big plus - we'd love HK audio, but not essential
  16. H

    wanted W124 7 seater upholstery

    Hi, Sorry, was in the wrong forum. I´m still searching for the upolstery in colour creme/mushroom for the W124 estates. Leather or cloth. I´m looking forward for offers. Kind regards, Tim
  17. H

    [S] 7 seater upholstery W124 estate

    Hi, I´m still searching for the upolstery in colour creme/mushroom for the W124 estates. Leather or cloth. I´m looking forward for offers. Kind regards, Tim
  18. c55

    W124 Estate/S124 Seat 6/7 Seven Seater Kit

    W124 Estate / S124 Seven Seat 6/7 Kit Complete S124 Seat 6/7 Kit, Grey with Seat Belts. Complete Kit required to create 7 seats conversion in W124 Estate /S124 Collection from NW London £70.00
  19. merc85

    e55k 7 seater s211

    Headrest button in the off side door missing?, Centre Arm rest button poss bodged? Cant stand it when the fuel light is on either but thats just me lol No mention of miles or history doh:crazy: wonder what it will go for? MERCEDES E55 AMG AUTOMATIC ESTATE 7 SEATER | eBay
  20. H

    wanted W124 7 seater upholstery

    Hello, I´m searching for the seat upholstery W124 estate from models late 1989 ´til mid 1993 in cloth creme. At the moment I own a complete 7 seater conversion kid but with the wrong color. I´m looking for some months on ebay and gumtree. Nothing! Would be very happy for advices. Kind...
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