1. D

    Secondhand E class Estate advice

    Hello, I am looking at buying a 2006 (facelift model) 220cdi E class estate. The car has about 150k miles with a full Mercedes service history. Can anyone please give me some advice on things I should check look out for as I am slightly wary about buying a high mileage vehicle despite the full...
  2. J

    Searching for secondhand SL350's

    Visited two dealers today with a pal who is in the market for an SL350. Both had flat batteries in their boots, so flat that we were unable to test electrics in the first car including the hood. The first was a 2005, 90k, ~£7,500 rust in the rear wheel arches, bit on the front. Bit of rust on...
  3. Deane x

    Good bye diesel cars ..will this make secondhand cars almost worthless

    Are diesel cars about to be phased out due to pollution ruling? | This is Money
  4. BIRMA

    My new secondhand Sl 63

    Hopefully this will work, anyway here is my new (to me) SL63 I picked up today it has the full P30 performance pack is totally superb and the blips on the downshift should be illegal.
  5. R

    R129 ~ secondhand speedo sourced ~ mileage adjustment?

    The speedo in my R129 500SL is broken. The speedo needle has a mind of it's own from pull-away and never registers a road speed. A Merc specialist and a very competent auto electrician have checked everything and confirmed the NSF ABS sensor as good therefore, it's the clock at fault. The...
  6. B

    My secondhand Mercedes of the week

    I like cars with decent mileages. When they are £400 and go well I like them even more Nick Froome
  7. A

    Buying secondhand parts from America

    I am thinking of buying a couple of W124 parts from Ebay in America as they are not very common over here. I can't work out whether I will pay additional tax(es) when they arrive. Does anyone have experience of doing this or should the whole thing be avoided? Items I'm looking at will be...
  8. Charles Morgan

    Secondhand Audi parts

    A silly question, but my current host's brother in Romania is hunting for a secondhand Audi A6 handbrake for a 2005 car and I have been roped in to help. The scope for confusion is considerable, but anybody know of a reputable source for secondhand parts. A long shot I know.
  9. W

    Value of second-hand goods

    Recently I've been looking for quite a few things to buy; furniture, hedge trimmers, TV, PS3, trailers (the exciting life I lead!) I've noticed how some second-hand goods look really expensive to me. Old but good quality hedge trimmers 60% of new RRP, PS3 60% of new RRP. I just feel I'm better...
  10. S

    Do MB dealers sell second-hand parts?

    I make the assumption that dealers and their service parts shops have on ocassions been requested to remove parts and eqipment from various models of cars to complete an upgrade (as opposed to the common replacement of a faulty item). Where does the non faulty swap-outs get sold? Alternatively...
  11. W

    Second-hand car dealers shamed by OFT

    BBC News - Second-hand car dealers shamed by OFT
  12. arkamelis

    good secondhand merc parts

    hi all i use to be in a merc club when i had my 190, one of the members had a secondhand and new parts shop, i used the place quite alot and had many good parts from him, looked on the internet today and he is still doing business. its called ( mercman ) im sure that if enoth of us use him...
  13. IMD

    Ducktail much are they to buy secondhand?

    I'm looking for a Ducktail spoiler at the moment and wonder what I would expect to pay for one secondhand, both for a real AMG one or fake kit, should they exist. That's if I can find one! Ian
  14. J

    W202: Buying & Fitting secondhand panels

    Hi all My front OS (Drivers) wing is starting to corrode in several places (wheelarch, side repeater, front edge) and my bonnet is also looking tatty with a slight dent where some b*stard tried to nick my star. I am considering trying to find some good secondhand panels in the right colour...
  15. verytalldave

    W204 Secondhand values

    Just had a quick look on a well known car sales website and I was surprised to see so many W204's are already being passed on in the £20k to £25k price range. Seeing it is still new this year, I am beginning to wonder whether there is something "not right" with this model. I have a W203 and am...
  16. Colin_b

    SLK Secondhand or new?

    An SLK it is, after much test driving and head scratching. And a 350, it has the required smile factor. I was planning to buy a 2 or 3 year old one, but the economics don't seem to add up. There are a few extras I need - mostly as recommened by the august people here:) Plus a few others...
  17. A

    Secondhand car prices

    Are there any free sites on the internet that are similar to parkers where you dont have to pay?
  18. eddie_E

    Wanted - secondhand 225/40/18 tyres!

    Having been reading through some threads I have decided to put up this wanted for tyres. I was gonna pop out and get some new one's but before I do I'll see if this brings any joy. I need a good set or at least a pair of tyres but I don't mind buying secondhand - as long as their not punctured...
  19. Guy

    Our first Merc was a secondhand 300TE

    Bought in 1994, our first taste of Benz motoring. It was a late 89 300TE with 60k and a full history. Never missed a beat to 130,000 miles, when we said goodbye. Looking at the pic, which I found today, I'm getting nostalgic and wondering why I sold it. Car is parked at a hotel off the A26 in...
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