1. D

    W211 Estate - Car Too Low - Pump runs for only 10 secs when car is started

    W211 Estate 2003 airmatic front and rear - Car Too Low - Pump runs for only 10 secs when car is started. Car dropped almost to bump stops at rear and wont rise. Front is fine. Both sides dropped to same level. I did find the pump connector wasn't in great shape but thats now good. Pump looks...
  2. L

    two secs for sale

    does anyone know a rough price for bodywork repairs for this sec? 1988 MERCEDES 500 SEC AUTO BLUE | eBay and new chromes for this one? 1990 MERCEDES 500SEC SILVER | eBay thanks :)
  3. bobby

    "HI" and Oil lamp image displayed for 10 secs intermittently when starting

    ...anyone know what this means?

    Tango 600 - elec car 60mph in 4 secs

    Who said electric cars were boring ? Qtr mile 12 secs 120 mph 0 - 60 mph 4 secs
  5. O

    The joy of SECS -again

    Hi Folks, Same old story - my 1984 500sec wouldn't start after standing for outside for 2 months prior to Christmas -one new set of heavy duty jump leads and my spare battery later - off we go on New Years Day no problem. Car won't start again the following week - guess I need yet another new...
  6. celicajames

    13.5 Secs!!

    Hi, I've just bought a c240 estste (2001) and looked at the performance online and it recons 0-60 should be 9 and a bit seconds. I thought mine was a bit sluggish so timed it to get a comparison .... (as if you haven't gethered from the title) 13.5 seconds:crazy: is this the norm or is...
  7. M

    Please take 60 secs to view

    The link below is a shameless plug for a freind of a freind. Please read the copied email pasted below: Greetings, all. Sorry for this mass email - usually don't do it - but easiest way to get this message out. Please take a look at this PSA (Public Service Announcement) video (60 seconds)...
  8. KLP 92

    2 SECs with custom paintjobs

    Well at least he's kept the same style on both cars :D Maybe i should have put stripes on my SEC as well! :D
  9. Mambo

    Electric Mini does 0-60 in 4.5 secs

    Four 160bhp motors, one on each wheel :cool:
  10. H

    C43 Engine starts but doesnt idle after 3 secs

    Just wanted to share some technical info with you folks. Just bought a C43 a couple of weeks ago. The car was running rich (later found this when spark plugs were checked - black soot). The side effect of this is that the car would backfire (back-fire) under hard accleration in first gear...
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