1. I

    W140 V8 400/420/500 front exhaust section / catalytic convertor

    Hi All, As per the title I am in need of a new front section/cat. I have an old one with melted internals to swap to cover scrap value if interested or just a normal sale Also if people are aware of what they are worth scrap wise and where close to London(Uxbridge) I could sell it that might...
  2. Gledsyc63

    C63 rear exhaust section

    Looking for a c63 rear exhaust section must have resonator on. ideally located in West Yorkshire but willing to travel a bit. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. O

    C63 X-Pipe center section

    Never got around to fitting it. Open to offers
  4. Audio Addict

    W204 C63 IPE Valvetronic Rear Section

    For sale is an IPE valvetronic exhaust rear section complete with electronics, hoses and two key fobs. The exhaust was supplied and fitted by Prestige in Horndean they then removed it for me. I originally went with the valved exhaust to get through noise restrictions on trackdays but I...
  5. N

    WTD: W202 C250 TD back box exhaust section.

    Please get in touch if you have a decent one or know of anyone breaking a 202 C250 TD. Thx.
  6. Screwdriver

    WTB: W123 300D Centre Exhaust (Mid Section)

    Greetings, I am looking a NOS/ New mid section for my 84 300D. If you have one lying around in this condition, happy to take it off your hands for an agreeable price. Best!
  7. 7om

    CLS 219 AMG exhaust front section (manifolds/pre and secondary cats/resonator etc)

    Hi, I'm fitting some manifolds and having a straight through mandrel system made with x pipe etc to join where the resonator goes, so the whole front end of the system is up for grabs. Can split apart for cats or resonator etc. I'd even consider selling the whole exhaust system if there...
  8. R

    Wanted- 380 SEL centre section exhaust

    Hi, Looking for just the centre section exhaust for my 1984 380 SEL preferably 2nd hand in good condition, or any recommendation's new part. Thanks,
  9. C

    odometer only show km/h in bottom section

    Hello, Have a s204 c220 and looking at the odometer i can have in the bottom section the date & outside temp. It also shows the speed in km/h; but i am in the uk and would like it to show mph Anyone know how to change this? Would be nice as the top is showing radio channel, though doesn't show...
  10. Taipan

    05 CLK200 exhaust front section blowing?

    Hi All Noticed the exhaust is blowing slightly on my 2005 CLK200K. Its at the front somewhere but after lifting the bonnet its not the manifold. So I guess that's the front section that will need replacing? Cant see a thing looking at it from under the bonnet or underneath the car? Does the...
  11. J

    Wanted a w168 sports stainless exhaust or back box section

    Mercedes w168 sports stainless exhaust wanted
  12. J

    Hi all. Found the right section

    First of all just to say hello. I couldn't seem to find the new members section to write an intro. Maybe coz I'm on a mobile device. I am intending to get a C63 coupe soon, subject to a test drive as I have never driven one, so I need to know if I will like it. Previously a BMW man through and...
  13. simon1966

    E55 / CLS55 Stainless X-Pipe & Mid Section by Torque Flow

    Hi All I have just had my exhaust mid section reverted back to stock, as I have now decided I want to go for headers and wanted to re-use my original secondary cats to save expense of sports cats etc.... So I now have for sale my stainless steel mid section, made and fitted for me by Imran of...
  14. developer

    The Sunday Night Opinion Section - Early Retirement

    A pal of mine (yes, really, none of this Martin rubbish) is in his mid 50's. He could sell his assets (property) and come away with net c£1.5m, whilst being entirely debt free (including mortgage). He has enough interests to keep himself busy, so he feels boredom won't be a problem. His...
  15. I

    Older Cars Section?

    Hi All, I'm sure this has been mentioned before, but I can't find a post despite a good browse. So, could we open a discussion section or similar for cars of a certain age - twenty years or more, for example? Cars where you could lift the bonnet and still have a chance of seeing what's going...
  16. greeinie

    SL section

    Being new is there a section for SL C/W 107 cars
  17. B

    Hi new member section

    I own a c220 cdi estate. I managed to get help on this site but am finding it difficult to navigate... not sure how to search for specific problems related to my car. Guess I will have to spend more time on site to suss it out! Hi all:bannana:
  18. Carrsey

    Removal of ashtray section of dash...

    My ciggy lighter has decided to pack up. Checked fuse and that was ok. Last time i used it i had to waggle the plug around to get a conection but now cant get anything. So i am looking to remove the ashtray/lighter section of the dash to investigate. Now i can see an clear way to do it so i...
  19. Koolvin

    Forum Sponsor Testimonial section

    The MBClub Forum Sponsor Testimonial section is now live! (wonder how long until this will be copied by you know who?) Trader Testimonials - MBClub UK - Bringing together Mercedes Enthusiasts When posting a testimonial please ensure you choose the company from the preselection options (This...
  20. T

    i cannot post replies in classifieds section. please help

    As title says, I would like to reply to an ad I've seen but don't seem to have permission. Can an administrator please advise me. Thanks Tom
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