1. H

    Car security

    I have a cl63 AMG. IT has been keyed down one side and across the bonnet. I want to fit a camera system to the car to see if I can catch these sprites. Any suggestions as to which company to use. Many thanks Clint
  2. markjay

    Security incident near Houses of Parliament

    Reports of shots outside UK Parliament - BBC News
  3. gr1nch

    Anti-theft Safety and Security tips?

    Just read this - Luxury cars drivers targeted in nationwide epidemic | UK | News | Daily Express Worrying times. Even an ordinary A class hijacked. And a lot of us here have, or are getting, more expensive, desirable cars. Any tips or wisdom, common-sense or obscure, to share?
  4. J

    C63s Security tracker

    Hi all, 1st post. Pick up my new C63s Coupe finally next Wednesday. Looking forward to it. After owning the previous model and switching from Audi, little bit excited. I need to get a tracker fitted for insurance reasons. Anyone got any feedback on brands/ installers for the north...
  5. S

    I've bought a start button for my car...

    Like this; And I don't even have keyless go. What's the point, I hear you ask? Well, the idea is to leave the start button in the keyhole overnight, and if someone tries to carjack me again (not that they were successful the first time), they'll find that the start button...
  6. jonnyboy

    Home security - alarms and cctv systems

    All Anyone got any recommendations for alarm systems and cctv systems? I am likely to install myself in the coming weeks as my arm continues to heal but I am unable to do any heavy (real!!) work. We looked at an alarm company doing one for us a couple of years ago as ours needs updating but...
  7. babyblueCE

    Car Audio Security messed up won't accept liability

    Hello all. My bro in law recently purchased a 3 series BMW coupe 10 plate and gave it into Car Audio Security, who are based in west London, to do a professional audio installation in his car. They advised would take 3 hours costing £240 in labour charges. In their care the lighting module...
  8. Taipan

    Additional security; anyone know if a stoplock will fit a 2005 CLK220K?

    Hi All, Just as an added visual deterrent I was thinking of putting one of those stoplocks below on my CLK200K. I was going to pick up a 2nd hand one of ebay but my mate said to me to try and find out if it will fit as apparently they dint fit on every steering wheel? Anyone got one...
  9. Felstmiester

    Solar powered security lights

    Anyone used them? Are they any good? I know this sort of thing has come on in leaps and bounds over the last few years and thought it may save me running cables everywhere.
  10. Palfrem

    LED security lights

    We are having a fair bit of work done to chez palfrem. As a sparky will be available, I was contemplating having the outdoor security lights replaced by modern LED ones to save me having to climb ladders to change the bulbs. Anyone had any experience of these please and maybe recommend a...
  11. B

    Security Bollards

    Has anyone installed security bollards to reduce the chances of theft? If so any recommendations please Thanks
  12. V

    W639 spare wheel security

    Finished up a job, packed up my tool kit and walked out into a fairly public car park to find some oik trying to pinch the spare of the sportX. He was back in his car and off by the time I realised what was going on. Luckily he didnt get the wheel as it wont come out without jacking the van...
  13. W

    McGard Ultra High Security Locking Wheel Bolts (New) 28018SL

    Hi all, I got a set of McGard Ultra High Security locking wheel bolts, and as you probably know already they're the best on the market. Part number - 28018SL Thread - M14 x 1.5 Seat - R13 Length - 26.7 mm For 17mm socket Item is brand new. Fits a lot of Mercs and many other cars...
  14. Sp!ke

    Cheap home security ideas

    Since we all run the risk of being a target for criminals I thought I would start a thread on low cost home security ideas. I'll start off with these. Cheap home video monitoring. (for non Apple users) 1. Use an old webcam in conjunction with a free bit of open source software called Ispy...

    Changing security to Norton?

    Hi guys, I was using Norton 360 Gold until last year when I changed to MacAfee Livesafe. My renewal comes up in 10 days and I'm going to change so I am considering going back to Norton. PC World are selling Norton 360 Gold for £29 and I'm wondering if any of you advise otherwise. I have 2 PCs...
  16. ItalianTuneUp

    Security camera

    Over the last year I've had someone forcibly remove the MB star from the bonnet (drunk student during freshers week?) and now it seems like someone has been tampering with one of the side mirrors. As the car is parked on the street, I wondered if anyone else has had this kind of annoying...
  17. S

    How serious a security breach is this, if at all?

    To check in, clear passport control and security and board a BA flight from Heathrow with someone else's boarding card? Admittedly for the same flight.
  18. E

    Windows XP Security - Advice needed

    I'm quite content with my antiquated steam-age Dell computer running Windows XP; it does everything I need it to. I was very happy with Microsoft Security Essentials too; it worked for me. However, now that Microsoft is no longer supporting XP, how best can I keep the computer secure? I have...
  19. sub_zero

    Mercedes Becker security code required

    Hello all, Last Friday I was at the scrap yard searching for good audio unit for my MB. I came a cross a good conditioned one (I think),but the seller doesn't have the security code!!! I looked at all sides of the audio unit searching for any written code,with no luck :( It is a Becker made...
  20. developer

    Security Cameras For A House

    I'm looking at a DVR based CCTV system for home. I want 700TVL and motion sensing as a minimum, but the package I'm looking at (ESP DVR8iP) doesn't have the ability to tell me, by phone, or by a sounder in the bedroom, when the motion sensor has been triggered, so I can rush down with my flame...
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