1. pauljbpaul

    Seeking early 129 two tone colour code

    Hello all, My 1990 500SL is arctic white, a little too much arctic white as its had the plastics colour coded instead of the original two tone it came with, i love the early two tone look so want to have the plastics repainted, i contacted mercedes for the lower colour code and they gave me...
  2. nickpb

    Seeking help to remove 3rd brake light (LED) on W204 estate

    3 of the LED's on the third brake light on my 2012 C220cdi Estate are dim and flickering. I'm hoping that it won't mean a completely new unit, but I'm having trouble working out how to remove it. I'm guessing that the trim round the rear screen has to be 'levered' off, but I'm hoping that...
  3. tommerc49

    Need a new car for the Mrs (poss A150?) - seeking advice

    Afternoon, My Mrs has a 2 year old Toyota Aygo - it's a great car but she's paying well over the odds for it (it's leased through the NHS) so she's now looking for a new (used) car. Whilst the Aygo has been great, she wants something slightly bigger. I've shown her several makes and models...
  4. F

    Newbie seeking Sat Nav advice please

    Hi. Have recently parted with my X type jag and treated myself to a 2011 plate C220 Sport. Only been driving the car for a few days and absolutely love it so far. This is also my first diesel motor so am enjoying a big saving after a thirsty 2.5 V6 petrol engine. Loved my Jag but was becoming...
  5. C

    New guy seeking help.

    Hi Guys. Iv only just joined this site, and would appreciate your help, so here goes. I have a 2011 E Class Coupe E220. I have had it just coming up to a year, and this is my first Mercedes (and I love it). But a problem is just starting but it is not constant. The car has done just over...
  6. G

    newbie seeking advice w126 suspension

    Hi guys I have just bought a w126 500 se. The suspension needs a refresh. Doing a European road trip next year so i am looking for recommendations for replacement shocks and or springs.Maybe something a bit stiffer than standard. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
  7. A

    Seeking 722.501

    A story you will have seen before ... My January 1991 300TE 24v Sportline is losing reverse, after 240K miles successfully going forwards. I want to locate a 722.501 replacement gearbox. I've read much from the fantastic resources available on this forum, including about this gearbox's...
  8. P

    Seeking indie in or around North East Suffolk

    My nearest main dealer is 30 miles away, looking for independent MB specialist within an hours travel of Lowestoft please
  9. C

    i am seeking advice on buying a used 350sl

    Dear members, I am replacing a 320 I've had for 13 years with a 350sl around 4-5 yrs old. I would really appreciate any advice members could give me, ie I have heard its a good idea to avoid ABC suspension as it costs around 2k a corner to replace, also I have seen that there might be a problem...
  10. Giantvanman

    Seeking iPod Classic 160GB

    I currently have two 160GB Classic iPods. One of them is about nine years old and lived in various vehicles so, planning ahead, I looked at the cost of a replacement and found that Apple stopped making the Classic in September 2014! There are lots on Ebay but would rather trust what a forum...
  11. gunning

    Job seeking.

    Sorry if I'm not allowed to do this please remove if it breaks the forum rules. This isn't the first time I have got a job via a car forum. I'm about to sadly be medically discharged from the Army. My previous fields prior to the army were car sales for main franchise such as BMW and Volvo...
  12. steviebabes

    Feelers Now out: Seeking E500 Estate

    Hi Everyone, My Range Rover has been lovely but I fancy a change. So I am now on the lookout for an E500 estate. Budget: £8k If you spot anything tasty, do please let me know - unless you intend grabbing it for yourself of course! Steven Nr Eastbourne
  13. M

    Norfolk newbie seeking buying advice (E class coupe)

    Hi guys A little about me before i immediately start asking for help! Ive always been a modified car enthusiast and currently drive (and drift) my Nissan 200SX that i dropped a 4.0 Lexus V8 into. 1UZ S14 Drifting at Snetterton - YouTube I love doing it but recently my commute increased...
  14. Tramp

    New member seeking SEC

    Hi, New member here. Looking at buying a cheap SEC, as prices are so low on them now. Ive always wanted one from a kid (my dads boss had a 560) and decided to treat myself to one this year. Anyway, I've enjoyed browsing all the info already. Cheers Jon:D
  15. F

    Helllo - I'm a Newbie seeking advise

    Hi there, I am new to the world of Mercedes and I have always had a soft spot for the SL55's so I have finally bit the bullet and decided to get one. I am off to see this one tomorrow afternoon.* Mercedes-Benz SL Class SL 55 AMG 2dr Auto 5.4 SUPERB EXAMPLE - FULL MERC S/H 2003 but...
  16. A

    Seeking to buy a R129 SL 320 or 500

    Dear All I am looking to buy a nice R129, ideally post first facelift (96) in good condition with reasonable mileage. It has to come with FSH and clear IP. Any colour but white is fine. My budget for this second car is around £5k. I live in Kent (Tunbridge Wells). Any serious proposal...
  17. S

    seeking for w126 brabus body kit

    hello! i'm very ineresting in w126 lang BRABUS body kit? or bumpers for this model, may by replica! may be anyone knows, there to find? thanks
  18. A

    Seeking a small car option... why not a Smart?

    Dear All, Our family car is a W212 E-estate but I now feel the need of an alternative to the large hearse to do the school runs and take me in and from he train station in the morning. I have looked at a few cars, and there are quite a few nice little Smart cars out there for sale. Prices for...
  19. F

    New guy seeking some help

    Hi guys, I am new to the forums and looking for some help. Basically I have a 2000 SLK 230 Kompressor which is a great car which I love but a few weeks back it started causing me some issues, It started with the engine light coming on and staying on but the car suffered no missfire, rough...
  20. brucemillar

    Seeking Help. WWII Merchant Navy - City of Bath - Ellerman Lines

    Folks I am doing some long overdue research into a (now deceased) family members time in the Merchant Navy Convoys during WWII. He was Chief Engineer on the following ship: City of Bath Torpedoed & sunk by U508 on the 02nd December 1942 of the coast of Brazil. Searches on The U-boat Wars...
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