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    Drive Clean - new segment on drive

    Not sure where looking after/cleaning/polishing ends and "detailing" starts, but you may find the new segment on the drive channel on YouTube interesting. Just not sure about the choice of car though, it's the daft R8 with too many sat navs and the pointless? "infrasound" thingy. YouTube...
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    dead clock segment

    Hi all, after picking up my clk 320 yesterday, and congratulating myself on buying a fault free car (sure you can all guess whats coming :) ) about 10 miles down the road, two segments of one of the clock display dissapeared :( now it doesn't really matter as i have a clock on the stereo...but...
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    Display segment failures on Clock & Temp Display

    Has anyone had segment failures on the numerals for either the temperature display or the clock display. MB dealership solution is to replace whole instrument head at about £350 + VAT + Labour. Is it possible to get just the LED display panels from somewhere ?
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