1. Nasco12

    W202: seized locks

    Post-facelift W202 Door lock: key goes all the way in but does not turn Boot lock: key goes all the way in but does not turn Glove box: key works Boot lock problems are common on this model. There is a release on the fob and inside the car so the lock doesn't get used and seizes. But...
  2. A

    Seized Engine 20k

    Advice Required:- ML350 BlueTec , W166, 2013 Jan, <20k miles. UK Registered. Purchased July 2016 non MB dealer. Driving in Belguim last week. Pulling up to a stop and the engine cutout before stopping. Unable to restart just a clunk from the starter. The car was towed to a local MB main...
  3. T

    W208 Lock Barrel out still seized

    Removed My Lock Barrel following Decs How to but its been soaked in descaler for about 15mins and then overnight in penetrating oil bath and still the key only goes quarter way in Am I right the key has to go all the way in to remove the tumbler barrel from the lock barrel ???????? Can...
  4. C

    Seized Brake Bleed Screws

    Can anyone suggest a fix for this problem?
  5. D

    W123 handbrake expander seized

    As the title says, and ideas on how to get it out to unseize it? It says in the Haynes manual that there is a clip but I can't see it for the life of me. The hub is in the way of a detailed examination. I could removed the cables but the bolts (bloody Allen key type...why) look rather...
  6. N

    OM642 Partially seized

    Hi All, Looking for some advice as I just don't know what to do :o The OM642 engine in our Viano started making a rumble (bit like the under was scrapping on the road) and also a high pitch sequel. I pulled over and checked the front belt thinking it was a pulley, water pump etc but all...
  7. H

    Cls 63 brake calliper seized

    Hi all, anyone else had this issue? Bought second hand six months ago, done 32k and three years old in April. Front right binding on disc. Happily MB stepped up to the plate, recovered car and replaced calliper with new discs and pads FOC.:bannana: Impressed with customer service, but...
  8. Dave Richardson

    Two nice cars & 1 Range Rover seized by Plymouth Police

    Two rather nice cars were seized by Plymouth police recently. Plymouth police seize London suspects' cars as part of money laundering and drugs investigation | Plymouth Herald Lets keep an eye on the local auctions
  9. J

    W203 Auto Transmission Sump Plug Seized - any tips

    Hi I did a search and couldn't see an answer. Attempting to change my tranmission fluid, filter, pilot bushing. I managed to loosen the sump cover bolts so they are good to go - they were easy. But the T30 TORX sump plug is rock solid. Tried an extension on TORX tool socket, no joy...
  10. merc85

    Mercedes v12 seized!

    But not before despatching 5 spitfire's doh!:doh: Saw this at Duxford Yesturday
  11. S

    seized injector removal

    Hi, Please can someone tell me if it is ever appropriate to use releasing fluid and the engines own compression to release seized injectors and if not, what can go wrong? Thanks (mercedes e320 cdi avantgarde)
  12. S

    Seized glow plug e320- how risky to remove?

    E320 with glow plug 2 needing replacing (doesnt like starting in cold weather). Couple of garages dont want to attempt the removal of the old glow plug incase it snaps and knackers the engine. Car done around 170k, no service history. What would you do? Risk the fix or is it game over?
  13. A

    Glow plugs seized in on CLK 270 CDI 55 Reg

    I have had 2 out of the 5 glow plugs removed&replaced but the other 3 are seized in. Has anybody out there had the same problem with their glow plugs being seized in&cant get them out ? Any ideas of ways of getting them out or of garages that might be able to remove the glow plugs successfully...
  14. Marcel-Anthony

    Seized Control Arm

    Can I please ask for some advice on how to get a seized control arm out of the front hub on a CLK 2004. Thanks Marcel Anthony
  15. Marcel-Anthony

    CLK Seized Suspension Arm

    My Car is the the garage today having a new front lower suspension arm fitted. so for safety I am having both lower arms replaced. However I got a call late today saying that they are having problems as one of the arms are seized in to the hub. They cant seem to be able to remove it, their...
  16. M

    C220, Seized caliper, replacement option

    Anyone used calipers such as pagid from ecp, or are these just recon mercedes calipers ? They list pagid for front left and bosch for front right ? Any idea of the cost from mercedes, they are the bigger ones that came with the sports pack, C220 cdi, W203 Cheers Adam
  17. I

    Seized Manifold

    I have 2002 E320 Auto Estate 150,000 miles. lost kickdown, runs smoothly and there is no problem when using tiptronic gear changing, so took to MB garage and have been advised I need new Inlet Port motor and manifold plus Hot Film Mass Sensor. Needless to say these items are very expensive...
  18. H

    Seized Tracking Rods on W124 230TE (91 PLATE)

    Hi, Kwik Fit tried to adjust my front tracking rods but were unable to due to them being seized. Is it a big/expensive job to fix? The car does pull a little to the right which isn't ideal but is it dangerous? cheers
  19. W

    glow plugs seized up.

    Hi guys, had my e 300 garage to fit new glow plugs. garage said no.1 was seized up and no.5 was turning, so they fitted the rest and said it was not worth bothering with other two because of age of car. no manual so would like to have a look myself. is it a big job taking...
  20. G

    Caliper Mounting Bolts Seized (i think)...what to do?

    So I put aside the entire day to start replacing my brakes and rotors on my w202 c230k. Everything is going well, caliper comes off, pads come off, spray everything with brake cleaner. Now I'm about to unscrew the big caliper mounting bolts to get the rotor off and the damn things won't...
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