1. P

    Self-levelling suspn corroded Hydrlc pipe. W124te

    Pipe leak due to corrosion. Its the pipe from sphere going to the rhs strut - or else going to the height control valve. W124 TE Estate 1992, 1997cc engine. All the connectors / joints seem very corroded and unsafe. Most of the fluid has leaked out - car very bounncy etc.and...
  2. duncanh

    W203 thumping rear (self-levelling) suspension

    I have a serious thump from the rear nearside suspension. I have changed and checked loads of parts and it is still the same. The car is a 2002 c220CDI estate with self-levelling suspension. The bit I am unsure about how to test is the rear hydraulic strut (the thing that looks like shock...
  3. Druk

    Self-levelling problem.

    Not the car but the garage. Garage measures 5.2m X 3.5m. Concrete floor has a 40mm run to one end. This may not seem much but when you're pushing an SL about, the tendency for it to run downhill is getting to me. :mad: Q. Is there any mixable stuff that I could use to pour onto and level...
  4. M

    W124 Estate -can I drive with to garage with failed self levelling down?

    My W124 estate has corroded rear suspension pipes (from spheres to struts) and a broken valve control rod on the self levelling suspension. I took it to the garage to have work assessed and parts ordered. On the way back, the offside pipe leaked hydraulic fluid. The car soon dropped onto its...
  5. jeremy156

    Control module for Xenon headlamp self-levelling on W210

    Just in case anyone needs a replacement control module for their W210 Xenons, I have one on eBay at the moment: Part number: A2108206126
  6. Birdman

    Does it have self-levelling suspension?

    It's an L-reg (93/94) S280 SWB and dropping hydraulic fluid like an incontinent schoolboy. The owner thinks it's a leaking self-levelling suspension line under the FNS wheel, not brake fluid. I wasn't aware that model had self-levelling suspension. (The rapidly emptying reservoir is on the front...
  7. J

    self-levelling suspension w124t 4matic

    I just bought my 300TE 4matic last week knowing I was going to have to sort out a few things, one of which is its abysmal ride which is best described as choppy. I noticed that the hydraulic fluid reservoir was very low and the vacuum spheres seem prime candidates for overhaul. However, I...
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