1. KNU7S

    Sellers Beware!

    I have been selling my 2 Mercedes 500SL's these last few days and yesterday I had a very nasty experience and wanted to share this with you. I listed the cars on Gumtree and had the usual stupid questions! however I agreed a price with someone who was interested in the one car and they...
  2. rockits

    Buying an SL60 and/or R129 Pano Roof - Strange sellers or strange buyer (me!!!)

    So I enquired about an SL60 on Ebay. This one: Rare Mercedes-Benz SL60 1995 | eBay I asked politely and nicely for some answers to a couple of questions. Received a reply back with some answered and some not. I tried again with a request for a few further pictures to be e-mailed and also...
  3. MD5

    Big issue sellers

    I'd be interested to know how often people walk past Big Issue sellers, and what their reaction is. I walk past three or four a day, usually twice. I'm not a reader, as I've said elsewhere, so have no desire to buy the magazine, and I do support my own charities of choice. Should I put some...
  4. C

    Why can't sellers tell the truth?

    I won this and went to collect it today: eBay - The UK's Online Marketplace Messy ad, but I had sent seven (yes seven) emails asking clarification. All MOT's? Yes = actually no, only two present Full Mercedes history? Yes = er, no, duplicate book, first two years blank, 3 Mercedes stamps then 3...
  5. H

    Avoid this email Scam! Sellers beware.

    Dear Forum members, This is a copy-paste of an email I received today. Since advertising my car, I have received two similar emails. If you receive an email requesting your details and/or payment, do not reply to it, report it to the Police. Hope this helps. "Thanks for the prompt...
  6. E CLASS

    Car sellers: What's in a name?

    You see a car, read the ad, like what you see and then you see the name of the seller at the bottom and think errr not for me. i.e. Big Tam Is it just me or is anyone else put off by some names?
  7. d w124

    Some ebay sellers

    How many listings does it take for someone to see you item :wallbash: MERCEDES S CLASS FULL BLACK LEATHER INTERIOR OFF 02 on eBay (end time 30-Mar-11 23:21:01 BST) Done that with his other items to but not as much as the seats :crazy:
  8. Spinal

    Alloy Wheel Sellers (rant)

    Just my little rant before I goto sleep... Rant 1: Why is it that I cannot find anyone with a decent stock of alloy wheels who will tell me exactly how much each rim weighs? Rant 2: Why is it that ever seller that has directional alloys (like the aeroblade, swirly ones, turbine ones, etc)...
  9. H

    Where are all the private sellers?

    There's nearly 362,000 cars on Autotrader right now. Less than 7% are private sellers. (and even some of those might be traders!) The newer the car, the % is even lower. 98% of mercs from 2008 onwards are being advertised by dealers. Where are all the private sellers and why do I care?
  10. S

    Timewasting sellers

    Looking at another R129 and just have to have a whinge about timewasting sellers. "Car is perfect condition, everything working." Get there and rear windows are ripped and aircon not blowing cold - receive the "needs a regas" rubbish and "but it is coming into winter so does not matter"...
  11. C

    Caution All Car Sellers

    Like many others I have advertised my vehicle here, a site for dedicated MB owners. OK. As such I have received enquires for the same. However one such enquirer asked unusual questions, points that were clearly in the advert, which sent alarm bells ringing. In my case the originator lead me to...
  12. T

    Car sellers who owned the car a few months

    I’m looking to expand the fleet with a Land Rover Discovery. I’ve owned a Defender for 9 years so am aware of the pitfalls of owning Solihull’s finest. The aim is to buy the best vehicle that isn’t hit by retrospective tax (eg. Pre Mar 01). I’ve come across two cars being sold privately...
  13. M

    I hate when sellers don't know what they're selling

    Take this guy here: He's advertised it as a 300TE, implying that it has the 12v M103 engine, when it's blatantly the later 24v M104. If I was selling a car I was unfamiliar with, I would at least...
  14. shrink_777

    anyone ordered from German Ebay sellers?

    Im after some bits for my CLK 208 seen some really good bits in Germany but bit dodgy about ordering from Germany and that. Has anyone else ordered from oversea ebayers before??
  15. K

    Joker sellers

    I'm on the hunt for a 190 and have viewed about 6 cars now at various prices. So far every seller has been a complete joker, including one compulsive liar who got his fake identities as a gynaecologist and airline pilot mixed up, but today I had the Prince Joker. This guy has a '93 black 2.6...
  16. 420SE

    Online MB new part sellers (need new wipers for 420 SE (W126))

    Hiya all :) Im after some windscreen wipers for my trusty old 420SE and was wondering if anybody stocks these things online? I did a quick scan of eBay earlier today but nothing really on there although I did come across some BOSCH ones, but it didnt say whether they are suitable. Anyhow...
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