1. M

    Slk 350

    Is anybody planning on selling their SLK shortly? I have been on the look out for an SLK 350 for the past month and half but cannot find any decent examples. Must have: Post 2008 VMR Low number of owners Fully documented and up to date MB dealer service history with no services...
  2. K

    Best option for selling a car?

    I'm looking to sell my car due to moving abroad. So far, I've only listed the car for sale on Gumtree and Ebay but only annoying traders seem to contact me. I knew it was a long shot trying to sell on Gumtree or Ebay so will look to list it somewhere else, but was wondering what people's...
  3. P

    Anybody selling or can make a turbo adapter?

    I have a W202 C250TD and I'm looking for a turbo flange adapter to fit a GT2871 or something similar. I don't mind if it's used or if somebody can make one themselves if they've done it before. Thanks
  4. AngryDog

    I hate selling cars!!!

    Just put my M5 up for sale, it has some faults which I have listed in the advert, but as usual the low ball offers come in. Its up cheap, but I aren't taking £1500 less! Jokers!!!!
  5. N

    Selling Front and Rear Brake pads with sensors (MB stock items) for E63AMG 6.2

    Hi everyone, With over 2 and half years having great fun with my E63 6.2 PP, it was coming to the end of my lease, I returned the vehicle (sadly and it will be truly missed) and I have brand new Brake pads for front and rear with sensors for front and rear, which I bought from MB in Southend...
  6. Darrell

    Selling on ebay

    I've never done this before but after putting in all the details of the item that I'm selling it's telling me I must enter my pay pal details. It's a cash on collection sale and I haven't got a pay pal account. Must I have one anyway?
  7. W

    iCarsoft i980 - anyone selling?

    Seems to the most recomended diagnostic tool at the moment. Looking for either a good price new unit or if anyone has a scond hand unit for sale please. cheers
  8. H

    Thinking of selling my C63

    I have 63 plate C63 estate with 22k miles and 19 months AMG warranty left. I only tend to do long journeys in the car but the lack of headroom caused by the sunroof is really affecting my back. How is the private market for these cars? Am I better selling privately or just selling to...
  9. C

    I'm Selling 4x 19'' Genuine A45 'Facelift' alloys & tyres on eBay

    As above please copy and paste into the eBay search 192175816886 for further details Thanks Mark
  10. R

    Advice on selling car....

    Can any one offer some advice on this one? I have a Mercedes C43 AMG Estate which is brilliant but I need to move it on for a variety of reasons. The car is only 7 months old and on a PCP agreement, I have gone back to the original dealer to see if they will take it back but they have a ban...
  11. V

    Selling 204 C63?

    Who's sold their C63 and what have they moved on to? Did they regret it? I've considered selling my C63 Saloon but have no idea what I'd get next.. GTR, 991 Carrera S, F80 M3, mapped E63 5.5BT.. these cars are within my price range but I'm in 2 minds! AMG GTS, 991 Turbo S, C63S coupe are...
  12. RyanMuller

    Thinking about selling the C32 - Any Interest?

    Hi all, I haven't really made my mind up yet so I'm just getting a feel for interest. I am still undecided to sell as I FINALLY have everything working on the car. I will be doing 200-300 miles a week with my new job and the C32 was mainly used as a weekend car as with my current job I cycled...
  13. Sp!ke

    Selling the SL500 R129 - don't know current value.

    I'm shortly going to put my SL up for sale as I no longer have a garage to keep it in. I've been looking in the normal places trying to gauge the current market but the prices are all over the place and i'm struggling to know what I should be putting it up for. Whats making it tricky is a...
  14. MWCLS

    Selling Privately Not much happening!

    My CLK C209 280 AMG Sport coupè well not strictly a AMG without the engine all the same a nice car. Since the arrival of my second son its not getting used .. at all less than 200 miles since sept 16. I've advertised the car on AT its 60k 06 Reg Full MB history. Above average condition for its...
  15. KennyN

    Local dealer selling his Heritage collection

    As above , i looked at some of them when we were looking at a car for the wife as they are kept at a local dealership. petervardyheritage | eBay Cant believe the price of the type 2 vans :eek: I will have the SL if anyone is buying , certainly not the Nova at £4k. Kenny
  16. I

    Thinking of selling my E55K

    Hi all, I've been an avid follower of this forum ever since I became the proud owner of an E55 AMG Kompressor 7 years ago. Never really posted much but have always read the posts here. I have come to the decision that I can no longer keep the E55 as I drive it so little it seems a shame for it...
  17. T

    Non MB history cars - how have you found selling them?

    Hi All Wanted some advice from more experienced members, I've got a 61 plate W212 that so far has full MB service history, keeping the car another 4 years, from your experiences would I gain much if I kept the Mercedes history going or does it not matter much by the time I sell it pricewise? if...
  18. G

    Selling the C63S coupe

    Hey guys, So after 6 months of ownership of my C63S coupe, I have to sell it due to a change in circumstances. Need to get something a little cheaper (can't have new houses and fancy cars so I'm told ;)) It's been by far the best car I've ever owned and it'll be greatly missed. I will look...
  19. D

    s500 66 plate friend is selling 2k on the clock

    black on black on black he is looking for £115k fully loaded with options obviously only serious people need apply hence why send me a message with your nos and i will get you talking he is looking for 6/7 seater late mode LHD ukl registered so it can be taken to portugal and back for...
  20. sparkynw

    Selling CLA45 for ML63

    Well I've got a 400 mile round trip on Monday for my AMG day which I can't wait to do. I've also decided I really want the big v8 in my life so the CLA is on Autotrader, I hope it's ok to plug it here. Just wondering what real life mpg is on the MLs? I'm only getting 18-35 from the CLA but I...
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