1. potter1976

    W203 C Class Coupe Semi auto (help)

    Hi I am currently having some issues and i am unsure if it is electrical or gearbox related. I purchased a 2001 C class coupe semi auto/Sequencial as a project i knew it had problems to start with but here goes i have put another gear box in which had hydraulic pump and control unit which...
  2. M

    Best Semi Auto or Auto Hot Hatch

    Hi All, In your opinon what is the best non manual Hot Hatch (apart from A45 Amg)?
  3. flying haggis

    Genuine Range Rover L322 semi rigid boot liner

    As it says in the description this is a genuine Land Rover/Range Rover part. They normally cost over £150 from a dealer so this is a bargain. Keep the loadspace of your Range Rover clean, easily removed and hosed down. ideal in this weather to keeps the dogs off the carpet! I sold my RR so no...
  4. S

    W168 A170 CDI 2002 (semi auto) Starting probblem

    Hi all, Hope you are well. Recently bought a W168 2002 A170 CDI (Semi auto). Was told that it had its starter motor replaced at a dealer few years ago. Been having starting issues with it recently. It struggles to start on cold, however once warmed up it starts up fine. No lights...
  5. K

    2002 Semi Auto Oil Change ?

    Hi There , Just bought a 2002 c 220 cdi semi automatic & have changed the oil & oil filter , diesel filter, air filter & cabin filter. I was looking to change the transmission oil but I was struggling to find information on this e.g. drain plug , filler plug location ,oil type/capacity etc...
  6. Sattani

    Gear change not working in semi automatic/M mode

    Hi guys, I drive 2005 E55 AMG. Can anybody pls enlighten me as to why my gears are not staying put in the relevant gears I put them in when driving in Semi automatic or Manual (M) mode. The car seems to drive absolutely normal in (D) drive mode but keeps on automatically changing gears and puts...
  7. Pilotprice

    Few photos of my c63 (semi pro photo shoot)

    Had a lad off another forum take a few pictures of my car last night, really impressed with them! Brochure worthy ha Loving the silver on silver combo at the minute! If anyone is local to warrington and want his details just pm me
  8. D

    New to site A160 semi auto code p0300

    This car is the devil, new engine, air flow sensor sent away, sent back, repaired, tyres go often. Anyway code p0300 has the entire town of Dover baffled as they cant find anything wrong with it, where should I start.
  9. J

    E320 Semi Aniline cleaning

    Hello ive got a E Class with semi aniline nappa and i have some Wheelers leather cleaning spray 98% Natural ingrediants. it says on the back Not for Aniline but will it be ok for mine as its semi aniline? coated??
  10. C

    w203 - 6 speed semi auto info

    hi all -i have had a c200k w203 coupe for the last 2 months and started getting some gear box probs - Its a 6 speed semi auto and comes up "transmiss visit workshop" and wont change above 3rd until i switch off/on. I have had a indi look at it with STAR and quote £350 for a new pump to be...
  11. S

    Best[and cheapest!]camera for semi professional website use

    I am making a new website - antique furniture based - and want a camera that i can use myself to take photos that i can then upload myself. Obviously i will need a good stand. My camera knowledge is miniscule so i need something that is pretty idiot proof. Any suggestions or ideas or links...
  12. mbzclk

    Sequentronic Gearbox Pump For Semi Automatic Sequential CLK C Coupe SL

    Mercedes Benz Sequential Gearbox Pump Electro-hydraulic pump for sequential gearboxes fitted to Mercedes Benz. CLK W208 & 209, C Coupe and C W203 & SL It may also fit the sprinters too. Used but working as garage starting replacing items and guessing :wallbash::wallbash: The pump costs £200...
  13. R

    CLK 200 Kompressor W208 2001 door card removal, semi electric seat problem.

    I couldn't find anything on this problem on here so I fixed it and thought I'd post what I did. Drivers electric seat would only go forward, backward, and down. I know this because I bought a new seat assuming it was a motor problem, the new seat was fully up when tested and went down and...
  14. AnilS

    Gulf Semi Synthetic oil at Home Bargains!

    Heads up guys. Popped into Home Bargains (Cape Hill - Birmingham) whilst I was early for the Merc service round the corner, and spotted the above oil for £10 (4 litres). Specific spec was MB 229.1;) So, mine takes 8 litres, so 2 packs and an oil filter makes for a cheap oil change :thumb...

    C63 on 18" semi slicks

    Hi all, Been away from the forum for a while. Have finally got some semi slicks on my C63. They're Pirellis, and on my "spare" set of 18" AMG style VI alloys. I got them on the cheap from Prosport near the Nurburgring. Unfortunately I wasn't able to get 235s for the front, so am running...
  16. R

    Synthetic vs Semi Synthetic oils

    Hi, My car is a 98 W140 S320L. I was just at the dealer who has been servicing it and they have service packages where they do lube changes for minor service. When I asked them what lube they use they said either Total quartz 7000 or 9000. The difffrence being one is semi synthetic. I would...

    C63 track use

    Had my first trackday yesterday, at the Nurburgring F1 track.:D Was a great day - my instructor even had the time to guide me 'round the Nordschleife for a sub-9 minute lap - I was absolutely crapping myself, while he shouted "flat out":cool: Some photos here...
  18. A160DSB

    A160 Semi Auto - Just bought :)

    I'm 18 years old, was looking at buying a Fiesta. Couldnt find one I liked, found a cheap (?) £750 Semi Auto A160. Drove it, drives like a dream Few minor problems that maybe some of you can help me with; (please bare in mind, I know absolutly nothing about Mercedes, prices of spares etc or...
  19. proser

    Catrol GTX 15W40 Semi Synth @ Asda

    Currently at £10 / 4ltr :thumb: and meets MB229.1 Just purchased 16ltr :bannana:
  20. M

    A160 semi auto - turns over - but won't start

    Hi all My Missus went out this morning and started the car while she scraped the icy windows. Part way through this - it stalled. Now it turns over - (plenty of battery life) - but won't start. The petrol light is on - so I am wondering if it is related to that - but I have added some fuel...
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