1. B

    Cant send messages??

    I've tried sending messages via the private message option But nothing is showing What's wrong ?? Thx
  2. Abcan

    Send to car on google maps

    For anyone who has used the 'send to car' function on google maps for older MB sat navs, the function is apparently no longer supported by MB. I've just tried to send my holiday destinations and MB is no longer an option to select.
  3. Druk

    Won't send...

    What is it with iPhones that when it tries to send an SMS text the green bar goes 90% of the way then it hangs and you get a Not Delivered notification. Try again and it still doesn't work then leave it and later it has sent the thing itself. Is there a setting that's wrong or what?
  4. thebig1

    Google Send To Car Not Working???

    Hi All, Just managed to get internet working on my 2013 C63, but can not find how to send anything from google maps to car. How do I do it???
  5. poormansporsche

    Best Service to Send wheels to Europe (France)

    like it says - any recommendations ?? cheers
  6. D

    Telematics - send address to sat nav

    Hi all, I've searched as much as I can, but I can't find any info. In have a 2014 E63, and on google maps you can choose to "send" a location to a Mercedes. My last 2 cheap BMW 3 series cars had this free for 3 years as part of the inbuilt telematics system (inbuilt GSM module). I know the...
  7. Gollom

    Send thoughts to SuzyCute

    Some of you know Sue whom I met at the now infamous Torquay GTG back in 2008 and subsequently married :bannana: She has suffered from IBS for many years which developed into serious Crohns that just got worse and worse. On Monday she had a ileostomy which will give her life back. No more...
  8. Palfrem

    nPower send hundreds of jobs offshore in time for Christmas Well, I've moved my account. Anyone else going to vote with their feet?
  9. Stratman

    This will send your OCD-o-meter off the scale

    19 things, not 10, 15 or 20, that will make your skin crawl if you are in any way OCD ish :devil: I'm taken by the concept of 'leftover time' in the microwave example. What to do with it :dk:
  10. M

    How to send contacts to comand ntg1?

    Hi guys, Can you help me to transfer my contacts to comand ntg1? I've tried send them via Bluetooth menu in serv as I paired the phone and Comand first but no luck Can you please guide me step by step how transfer my contacts? Regards!
  11. Alex

    Need to send exhaust

    Hey guys, I need to send this exhaust to buyer in Southampton (I'm in Milton Keynes). It is a single welded thing, measuring about 1.40 x 1.60 m that won't fit on a pallet. Any couriers out there that can deliver this in one piece and won't charge arm and a leg? Thanks.
  12. S

    Send off for my car

    I've been absent for so long, more than a few days which is rare for me :o:o I had to go down to London as I took my friend to get a new car, alas its a BMW but one with a V8 engine :D. The 545i for a 90k mile car was spotless and like new. No real interior wear, just one damaged door seal. The...
  13. D

    Jade Goody wants Princess Dianna send off...

    I have just found this on another forum. What do people think of this?
  14. G

    Best way to send alloys through post?

    Can anyone advise on the best way for me to post a set of 4 alloy wheels with tyres? Obviously it'll have to be a courier, but being in work all day makes it slightly hard. Can I just go down to my local City Link depot (for example) and do the job there and then, or is the depot only for...
  15. A

    Help send the Spice Girls to Guantanamo Bay

    Picked this up from another forum and it was too good not to share Let's Send the Spice Girls To Guantanamo Bay! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Spice Girls are running a competition to choose a city where they will play a special...
  16. BenzComander

    Tiscali restricting the number of emails per send

    Have a tiscali broadband connection and email address, which we use for sending and receiving email. Recently, Tiscali have been limiting the number of people on the one email to 10 recipients. Anybody else notice this?? If I set my Gmail account as the default email, then it seems I can...
  17. B

    Brabus D6 or buy a E320CDI and send it to DMS

    What should i do folkes whats the better remap? How do these "chipped" vehicles perform in the real world compared to the like of the 535d and the E's big brother the E55. what torque values etc? speak soon Barrie
  18. Z

    Where do I send complaint letters, and addressed to whom?

    Any help plus pointers would be a great help thanks. Anyone who has any advice for writing these letters please speak your mind as it will help me alot and i'm sure plenty more in the future. Thanks alot Zishan
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