1. Rctaylor1966

    Sending Personal POI to Comand from Iphone 6

    Hi All, Ok so I have had my new R172 SLK (2016 Model) for just under a week now and am very pleased with it all in all. I have been playing with POI using Google Maps and the 'Send to Car' works really well. I was wondering if anyone has managed to figure out a way to do this via an...
  2. zaen1

    gsf sending out cheaper parts

    Hi,has anyone else had problems ordering from gsf on here, over the weekend i ordered Brembo rear brake discs for c43 amg,today i received Ate, doubled checked on their website and they dont even sell Ate rear discs for a c43 only Brembo but their part number for the Brembo,s is the same as the...
  3. jaymanek

    Problem with Email Sending SMTP Port

    Guys spent all morning trying to sort this out... cant seem to fathom it. My mercland email is hosted by emails are not sending through windows live (like outlook) Its coming up with an error 0x800CCC0B The outgoing mail port is 25.. upon the recommendation of...
  4. BlackC55

    I need some help sending a package to china

    Hi, I have an account with TNT and they say I need "commercial invoices" for customs before I can send them. Does anyone have an example of one as I have never heard or seen of this before. I need help!!
  5. A

    Sending a Petrol roller mower in uk (best way?)

    Hello I have a suffolk punch roller mower that is for sale and a buyer very interested but in Scotland (Edinburgh). I've tried Pallet line and parcels to go but its £70 or so. Mine you I'm guessing the weight? I thought around £50 as I've sent 4 wheels for that price? (update just...
  6. jonnyboy

    sending wheels

    hi all i've sold the Q7 22" wheels and need to get them to manchester from surrey. I did a search and followed a couple of the links, but I am wondering if anyone has actually used a company they would trust, bearing in mind its a) £750 transaction b) paypal :( Cheers John
  7. st13phil

    Sending Nokia Phone Contacts to Audio 20

    If you have a car equipped with Audio 20 that only allows "Receive Business Cards" as a method to populate the car's contact list and a Nokia phone which only allows you to send one contact at a time via bluetooth, here's a workaround to speed things up. Step 1 - Select Contacts on your...
  8. N

    Sending Iphone Contacts To Car - help pls.

    Hi All, I have my iphone paired with the car via bluetooth, but just cannot get my contacts from the phone to the car. I've sat in the car for hours messing with bluetooth and the phone etc but cannot get my contacts list into the car system. Can Iphone contacts be sent to the car or not...
  9. horsesuitedfool

    Sending Sky to other rooms in house.....HELP!!

    Ok here goes on explaning.......I have Sky HD in the living room, there is also a TV point for aeriel behind the TV in a socket on the wall. In the bedroom there is also a socket on the wall for TV aeriel. Both pick up Free view signal etc. My question is....If i enable the RF out on the Sky HD...
  10. C240Sport97

    Sending parcels cheaply to USA (Hawaii)

    Just got home from the most lovely Hawaii. My nieces and nephews have asked me to send them more chocolate digestives but the shipping rates on parcelforce and dhl are quite horrendous (about £80 for 10kg of weight). Anyone recommend a cheaper way? Speed of delivery is not important...
  11. gina2201

    Sending Tax back...

    Car is taxed until end August 2008,and is a 1.8, how much would you get back if you sent the tax back now? Don't suppose they would give you anything for July as it already is July?
  12. A

    Couriers part 2 - Sending a bumper within UK

    I've just sold my original W203 Elegance bumper, seller would like me to send it by courier (Surrey to Doncaster). Anyone sent bumpers before? I know some couriers have a maximum parcel size. Parcel2GO have a maximum length of 120 cm listed on their website. Will possibly ring them tomorrow...
  13. BenzComander

    Trouble sending email on gmail?

    Hi, is anybody else having trouble sending email with Outlook to their gmail account? It is OK collecting the mail, but will not send it, get error message: 0x800ccc0e any ideas please, was working fine up until about 5.00pm this evening? cheers,
  14. Alfie

    What I'm sending to thames Water today!

    Here is a copy of a letter I've just sent to Thames water. 22nd June 2006 Customer Services Manager Thames Valley Water PO Box 188, Bishops Rise, Hatfield, Herts AL10 9AE Customer reference; 1234567-8 Dear Sir/Madam, Thank you for your recent bill advising me that you...
  15. nigel cross

    Cant receive emails sending ok

    Kids and PC's do not mix. On the family PC my daughter can on longer receive emailson Outlook, but she can send them ok. If you press the send/receive key noyhing happens. Also if you try to go into the send/ receieve config on her login nothing happens. If i use here bt yahoo account i can...
  16. 1

    fuel sending unit or fuel gauge?

    Dear Guys, I read a lot of old tread on "not working fuel gauge and relevant sending units". This happen me this morning: starting the car the fuel gauge is still down with reserve light on! I've turned off and started again and the gauge now seems work right :confused: To note that the...
  17. stwat

    Sending emails to AOHELL users

    Ive been trying to send an email to a mate who has recently got AOL as his server. The email addy is defo correct as he sent me one from the addy im trying to send to. In other words im replying to his email. MSN email sais the mail has been sent(about 5 times now) but he just aint getting...
  18. Flyer

    Sending money to Oz

    Perhaps one for Scott? I need to send some money to my daughter in Oz for her 16th birthday. Electronic transfers are proving expensive. If I send her a sterling cheque from my account, will she have any problem depositing it in her ANZ Bank account?
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