1. lisa110rry

    A senior moment...

    Tonight Mr 110rry and I have to travel to the Midlands to be at an AGM at 09.00 Saturday. So, a couple of evenings ago I booked a hotel near to the venue via Laterooms. Then I promptly forgot where I had booked! I expected that I would get an email confirmation, but nothing arrived. So...
  2. D

    Probably just a senior moment but a quick gearbox question..

    Morning all, Been having a think about my 2014 c180 coupe recently as it's been in for some bits and I've had a couple of nice courtesy cars. I have the auto box with the supposed 7 speed transmission. However only until recently driving both an SLK and a CLS have I noticed that in the...
  3. Mike Walker

    A Senior Moment

    Sybil (190) is currently sitting on the drive due to too many cars and not enough garage space. Looked inside her and spotted some condensation so decided to purchase a waterproof cover from Halfords for remainder of the winter. Did a quick survey - tape measure - placed order online and got a...
  4. AnimMerc

    Formula 1: Mercedes to bring in two senior Red Bull engineers

    BBC Sport - Formula 1: Mercedes to bring in two senior Red Bull engineers
  5. Rupert44

    Tom Senior Universal Milling Machine

    Tom Senior Uni Milling machine Some tooling £Offers or PM me Collection only SY13 area Lots of other stuff from the garage for sale and even the HOUSE itself
  6. Palfrem

    Two Senior owners

    Immaculate Low Miles Mercedes 300SE W126 not 420SE 500SE The Best at this Price | eBay I wonder what that is supposed to signify
  7. ringway

    A Senior Moment.

    My work took me to Birmingham today. A potentially tricky job re-aligning some remote controlled blinds installed by another company. :rolleyes: The job was tiring, but a success. I headed back home (awful two-lorry smash on the M6 Southbound near Sanbach and I pitied those stuck in the...
  8. Schuey

    Most Senior MB Person in UK to complain to?

    Hi, Can anyone give me the name and possibly email address of the most senior person in MB UK to complain to please, I guess this will be someone in Milton Keynes? Thanks in advance.
  9. del320

    A truly senior moment...

    Out on an errand this morning... Got back around 10:45, leapt out of the car to open the garage door. Got side-tracked - nipped into the house. Needed a pee. Thought I'd check my e-mails. Browsed the Forum. Checked time - taking bus down town for dental check-up. Twenty minutes at...
  10. W

    Senior person's mobile phone - Lidl offer

    Looking for a back-to-basics mobile phone? Big Button Mobile Phone £39.99 I'm even tempted for one myself. I'd program the emergency button to call my wife to collect me from the pub :)
  11. D

    HELP NEEDED - Email addresses required of senior Mercedes Benze staff

    I did own a C220 CDI Sport - I brought it (brand new) end of October and it broke down in Jan; still not fixed and we are almost in April. I want my money back as the car is a complete nightmare and I feel I have been sold a vehicle that is not fit for the purpose of sale. Injector problems once...
  12. wallingd

    Senior moment

    (Not me.) A recent factual scenario follows. Elderly man (early 80s) driving home from country village during recent sudden & heavy snow flurry. Very careful all the way home with little traffic. Reaches home & pulls on to drive. Approaches garage door. Car starts to slip slightly. Brakes...
  13. M

    URGENT - Customer Services Nightmare - Contact Details for Senior Execs in Germany?

    I am having THE mother and father of a bad experience with Mercedes / AMG 'customer services'. As the the owner of a 'factory special' manufactured in 2000, picked up direct from the factory, and never put on a customer data base (until I asked for it to happen in 2006), I was advised by...
  14. carnut

    For the Senior Mercedes Driver

    Grandpa talking to his grandson One evening a boy was talking to his grandfather about current events. He asked him what he thought about the shootings at schools, the computer age, and just things in general. His Granddad replied, Well, let me think a minute. I was born before television...
  15. U

    McLaren suspends senior employee

    Less than a day after Nigel Stepney's dismissal from the Ferrari team following allegations of sabotage and industrial espionage, the Vodafone McLaren Mercedes team has suspended a member of its technical team, having learned that the employee 'received a package of technical information from a...
  16. robert.farmer

    senior moment

    The other half has gone to bed and i'm having a senior moment. Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me etc,etc,etc :D :D :bannana: :crazy: :crazy: :rock: :rock: :D :confused:
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